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    • I wonder whether they have a contract about not talking with media about player happenings.  They must see a lot, good and bad.
    • How many of you low cappers think you can beat mid-range Symetra Tour player? Let me set the table.  My club has 2 fulltime Symetra Tour players slapping it around with us hacks until their season opens up in 2 weeks.   The course plays to 6300 yds, par 70 (comparable with the courses they play on tour), 71.1/130, tight fairways and lightning fast postage stamp greens.       Tour Resume #1 Seasoned LPGA professional Over 2.5 million in career earnings Solheim Cup participant Currently playing on the Symetra Tour Tour Resume #2 Accomplished collegiate career 2019 Symetra Tour rookie 2020 full time Symetra Tour status Member #1 Accomplished collegiate and amateur career Plays to a +2.8 Member #2 (me) Accomplished collegiate and amateur career (hockey, not golf) Hovering around 0 Member #3 No real competitive experience other than local course knowledge Plays to a 2.1 There are several other members that play with our group for this discussion they are inconsequential.   So, we have 3 rounds in the books………let me hear some guesses on the results (I will share by the end of the day).
    • I stand corrected. I exaggerate when I said 'shutting down'. I should have said that the responses when they didn't align with certain opinions or were considered to be challenging a previously strongly held opinion became personal. That would have been more accurate. My goal is not to be Dr Fauci. he's a once in a generation type of person. like tiger. I see a lot of confusion about data and COVID.I love golf and when i play, golfers seem particularly awkward about what to do. My hope is that if the information is out there it will be less scary and people can make their own decisions. But to challenge well known and agreed to data each and every time without providing any actual information speaks more and more to a personal attack then concern about others and disseminating info. it smacks more of a being an advocate than true inquiry. it's a disservice to people who really want an open discussion.  for instance the recent comment about test data not helping if they are double and triple counting. the only source for this is political conspiracy theory; taking one bit of information and create doubt without offering anything else worthwhile.  One only has to do a search or inform yourself on a website to understand how data is actually aggregated. Its never perfect as this is a moving target. But when you use inaccurate information to 'shut down' a thread of discussion that is to me 'shutting it down' though I understand how that may have been unclear.  Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing - Statistics and Research No country knows the total number of people infected with COVID-19. All we know is the infection status of those who have been tested. All those who have a lab-confirmed infection are counted as confirmed cases. are+covid+cases+counted+more+than+once - Google Search    
    • If you are insinuating that @iacas’s level of science education is equivalent to a 35hcp golfer you are grossly mistaken. He hasn’t torn down anything you posted nor anyone else’s posts. It’s a discussion and just as you have he has posted facts and opinion to consider. Your word isn’t gold. You’re far from being any authority on Covid. Your ideas and opinions ...along with facts are just as welcomed as anyone’s. Just don’t get all worked up if people don’t embrace your Google searching regurgitate.
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