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    • Probably a PhD in comparative women's studies and Social Environmental Hysteria from a California college. Fill them with scotch and we are talking.  I need a ball retrieval tool, a clean rag, a drill and a straw.
    • I agree.. OSU can not grant Clemson a 21 point lead. Though, I think OSU is equipped to make it close if they do. The number of times they go on a 21 point streak in a short amount of time is still amazing to me. It's been like clockwork. OSU feels out what the other team does for about 3 drives and then just steps on the gas on offense and defense. I am not sure that I would take the Wisconsin game as what this team is though. You have a team motivated for revenge, they worked on all the deficiencies that Illinois and OSU exposed on them, and they threw the kitchen sink at OSU. You have OSU's #1 DB go out and things start to get exposed a bit. Who would have thought that Wisconsin's QB would pull the ball and run it. Great adjustment there for Wisconsin. It gave them a lead at the half, but then OSU held them to 80 yards for the rest of the game (excluding the last drive in garbage time)  Still, OSU needs to match Clemson drive for drive if they come firing right out of the gate. Kinda like how OSU kept up with Michigan and pulled away. 
    • All good points. But the lurking issue for me is how OSU performed for more than half the game against Wisconsin. You give Clemson a 21pt start...you’re done. OSU a great 3-4th quarter team but that sluggish start won’t fair well with any of the top four teams. I think (hope) it’s a dogfight. I’m not too hopeful how OU will do against LSU. Zero discipline and an iffy defense isn’t what you want against LSU.
    • Hmm reading this made me go check out some of my face and path numbers on some of the swings when I was trying to feel a lot of rotation through the shot, and it seems like my path is decent, most of them with a 7 iron are around 2.0 or less degrees in to out, but on the huge hooks the club face gets like 5-6 degrees closed to the target, which give a face to path of like -6 to -8 degrees. 
    • I also don't think this is rolling shutter. Pretty neat to see how much the shaft flexes during a swing. I can't swing as fast as JT, but cool to see the shaft working like that. I got another round under my belt with the new shaft, but it I'm throwing it out as a data point. I was missing all over the place, and not just with driver. Fairway wood, hybrid, irons, and wedges were all awful too. I was hitting a lot of really fat shots which hasn't been an issue for me for quite awhile now. My full swing just felt completely out of sync for the entire round. I decided to make a change in my iron shafts as well, also suggested by my instructor. Right now I have TT DG in R300 from 4-GW, and I just ordered a set of TT DG S400 off ebay. I don't expect this will have a drastic impact on my game, but i'll have a little more confidence knowing the shafts are a better fit for my swing. I'll either install these myself over my upcoming holiday break from work, or take them to a club builder, depending on how much free time I have at the end of the year.  
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