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    • That can't possibly be true, unless you only advance the ball 50-80 yards at a time. When you walk, you have to walk the whole length of the hole; on a cart path only day, you only have to walk about twice the width of the fairway, at most. And of course, on some holes, you manage to get your ball right next to the cart path too. From my experience, as I normally walk, but also occasionally play in carts (e.g. tournaments), including on cart path only courses or days, you only walk about 50-60% of the distance if you would have walked the full course.  Now, if you do like that guy mentioned above, and go to your ball without any club and come back to select your club, it may be a wash... But the blame is not on "cart path only"! 😜 ETA: I prefer walking, as long as it is manageable, meaning not every hole is uphill or downhill, and on some courses, they are both!  Also, temperature has a big effect: I used to walk no matter what, but now If the temperature is in the 90+F, I'll take a cart or I could risk heat exhaustion in the last few holes.
    • It clearly works, just not on me personally.
    • Love this topic. The statement "increased playability" is perfect for the marketers mind. Simply because you will put whatever meaning comes to your mind when you hear it. Because it doesn't mean anything specific it actually works to fit whatever you think of when you hear it. I think the better way to think about golf marketing is what is it supposed to do to you in your buying journey. I think the ad in Golf Digest is to add to whatever buzz you have already heard. It isn't meant to help you make a buying decision but get you to a demo day or asking your club pro about it. Or better yet search the internet about it. That way when your pro mentions it, your mind has already heard about it and it confirms whatever your mind already thinks. Golf marketing in general is herd marketing. PXG is the only stand out, but they are building a luxury brand and moving closer to the herd. Herd means they all say the same thing in order to hopefully differentiate by spending more on TV pros who pedal their stuff or hooking you at the time of sale.
    • Mostly balance and strike consistency. I still find myself rolling over my back foot which I hate. I spend a lot of time putting tape on my club face and trying to find the middle (generally 3-5 swings then switch clubs). My misses have become fats and thins not so much toe or heel strikes.  Staying connected in my takeaway and not opening the club face up. I have a tendency of getting my hands ahead of my body and coming back way under plane while opening up my club face. Just getting reps and taking video a lot where this is my focus. The longer the club the more I struggle with this. Trying to get my hips more involved and in sequence I feel like my upper body gets ahead of my lower body through impact at times and that leads to some strike issues. Trying to keep my weight on the inside of my right foot and dropping and driving my right hip through the ball.  I have been hitting a ton of wedges, the launch monitor I have is supposed to be pretty accurate from short yardages (Garmin Approach G80) so I've gone through from 50-150 in 10 yard increments and tried to develop shots for each yardage with different clubs.  The right knee extension is a new move for me if you go look at older videos I didn't extend it much, if at all, that came into play when I really started to focus on not rolling over the outside of my foot. I should go check videos of some pros since it's not really anything I ever payed attention to.  I feel like I'm creating width in my backswing I just have a habit of breaking my wrists at the top which I've been working on a bit but it feels very weird to not do it as that's what I've always done. No idea if I am on the right path with any of this just kind of winging it and trying to create a swing that is fast and on plane.  Appreciate the feedback! There hasn't been much lately so just been using this as sort of a swing journal past few months lol 
    • Keep things in perspective, man. It’s just golf. Sometimes a little break is a good thing.
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