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My Swing (Darkfrog)


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Lesson 9/25:

Some bad things had crept into my swing, and I think I have the tools to fix them.


  • I was setting up a little to close to the ball. Not sure what precipitated this, but as soon as instructor pointed it out, I stepped back maybe 1/2 to 1 ball and right away addressing the ball felt more comfortable.
  • I've started fidgeting with my right hand grip at setup again, resulting in an overly strong right hand. This seems to happen when I stand over the ball too long, maybe because I am not committed to the swing. Worked on increasing grip pressure with this hand through backswing. I'll need to work on this.


  • Need to get a little more depth, but otherwise okay. Might have been I was focusing too much on downswing that I short changed backswing. Nothing major to work on right now.


  • Clubhead exit was too much up and out, and not enough left. Worked a bit with a PVC/pool noodle plane thing in front of the ball to get a feel for the clubhead exiting more around and left, and less up, after impact. Might pick up some PVC pipe, elbows, and a tee-fitting at a hardware store, or maybe order a Pure Plane Pro device for this.
  • Everything in the downswing looked pretty good up until club delivery, where I was shoving/flipping my right hand pretty hard. Right before delivery, clubhead was in a good position, but I was still shoving/flipping it closed through impact.
  • Tried out a feel/thought of holding the face open through impact. Initially instructor just had me try to hit the ball with an open face and hit a push-slice way right. Even though it felt like I was leaving the face wide open, the ball was not atrociously offline right. After a few balls of getting used to the concept, I backed off the feel a little bit and was hitting the ball pretty straight. It'll take some work to deprogram my right hand/arm for this one.
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Had what I felt was a pretty good practice session today - going to note this so I don't forget. Feel/thought for downswing was; right shoulder down/around, pressure into left heel/lead foot "roll" a touch, hold clubface open through impact. Seems like a lot for one thought/feel, but I have a good rehearsal that incorporates all three, so my brain isn't trying to process three separate motions.

I hit balls in sets of three. The process is to address the ball, make a backswing, and then do a downswing rehearsal; then go back to the top and repeat the rehearsal two more times (total three rehearsals). Then address and hit the ball. Worked with a 7-iron, and measured my swing speed with Mevo warming up at about 80 MPH (Typical 92-93 MPH). The point of measuring swing speed during warmup was to make sure I was not working at full speed.

I used impact tape to see where ball was contacting the face. I did the first four sets with "Almost Golf Balls", which makes a barely noticeable mark on the tape. For the last set I hit three real balls. I was practicing in near dark, so had to bring the impact tape inside the garage to see. I think this was the most centerface contact I have ever made - basically all 15 balls off the center.


Not expecting to hit the ball this well all the time, but this is promising. All the balls started on target or right, which is what I want to see.

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