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You use the camera in the Mevo+ to point it through your ball and at the target line. It even draws a little parallelogram where the ball should be.

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    • What we think "should count" doesn't really matter, the rules define what does count.  The rules define Stroke as a forward movement of the club, as @iacas quoted earlier.  Set up doesn't  matter, back swing doesn't matter, it can't be a stroke until you start the forward swing.  Even then, if you intentionally stop or intentionally miss the ball, its not a Stroke.  Based on what I know, and I haven't heard the conversation with the officials, I believe Pieters made a stroke, he was the beneficiary of an incorrect ruling.  Incorrect based on the rules, not on what I think should count.
    • Like above comments, once you’ve set up with the intention to hit the ball - everything that comes after that intentional setup should count. If you’re good enough to accurately hit a tiny ball hundreds of yards - then you’re good enough to stop your swing before hitting the ball. As some people say, golf is as much a mental game as it is a game of striking the ball consistently. 
    • I've been told in a couple of workshops that there are two kinds of officials.  There are those who have made an incorrect ruling, and those who WILL make an incorrect ruling.  As I read the definition of Stroke, if Pieters began the forward motion intending to hit the ball, and couldn't stop himself from hitting the ball, its a stroke.  if he decided during the backswing, its not a stroke.  A putt is an ingrained motion, back and forward, so I suppose its possible to decide during the backswing, but be unable to physically react quickly enough to halt the forward swing.  That seems unlikely to me.
    • Every time I want to get new clubs I just go for different shafts. Especially different weights. I own a set of Titleist 718 AP2. I have gone from factory white AMTs, to XP95, to Project X LZ 5.0, and now to NIppon 950GH. Every time I change shafts I feel its a totally different club. In my opinion, it is shaft weight that makes the most difference, not shaft flex.
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