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This Guy Has a Gapping Problem!

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On 11/18/2019 at 9:58 AM, nevets88 said:

What is 19 X Speed?

Most likely a 19 degree version of this


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Maybe he hit his driver at 120% swing speed but the rest of the game just 70% for accuracy...
or maybe his EGO is 300 yards BIG. 

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Perhaps this golfer plays really weak lofted irons? /sarcasm

I think many golfers overestimate (maybe ego driven) their distance off the tee, especially with driver.

14 hours ago, Buckeyebowman said:

Sounds like my buddy before I convinced him otherwise.

Same with me. I play with a younger guy frequently, big and strong, who never hits his driver because he says his 5-iron goes around 240 yards when he hits it well. I'll spare you his logic, but let's just say this is significantly off base. To prove him wrong, we both teed off on a short par 4 with irons. He hit his 5-iron, I hit a 6-iron. His shot rolled out to about 175 yards, mine rolled out to about 195 yards (downhill hole). Neither of us was anywhere near 240 yards, which would be 10 yards off the front of the green.

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I wish I had his problem! My driver currently goes no farther than my hybrid on a good shot... 😩

I like the one post with the golfer swinging a 25 foot or so driver shaft... 😂😂😂

Dave blackston (@DBlakeston) Tweeted:
@richwoods2 https://t.co/tmlj6CXYWt

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    • I would say 4 iron at this point in my golf career which would put that hole at 450. I think given a good drive of 250, I am making par half the time with 4 iron. Most par 4s for me its a 6 iron or less with the longest being 425 yards. 
    • I never really considered myself a hoarder, but recently my wife pointed out just how much space my 'necessary', but never used, golf equipment was taking up.  Guilty as charged. I find it rather difficult to give up some of my old 'treasures', but practicality tells me to do so.  Plus if I do sell off some of my old treasures, I can buy new treasures.  LOL 
    • Day 353 Warmed up hitting some 8-irons working on takeaway/backswing, and then did a superspeed workout. 
    • I think the season's GHIN periods are good for my portion of western Washington. My home course gets pretty wet (some of my worm burner shots remind me of the Miss Budweiser hydroplane rooster tail from back in the day). Also, there's a lot of plugged balls in the fairway so I'm mostly playing lift, clean and replace. Wouldn't count towards handicap anyway.
    • This. Dude just play golf. If you have a consistent shot shape play it. Don’t think about score too much, stay out of the shit, call “The Zoo”. That kind of stuff. I’m trying to get down to scratch. I don’t add up my score until the end.   
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