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Hello from Finland!

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I'm a 16-year-old golfer from Finland. I completed the green card course 4 years ago, but after that I didn't play that often until 2018. My handicap in the beginning of 2018 was around 40-50. It quickly dropped down to 26,6 in the end of 2018. I was practicing in a junior beginner group but I got invited to join the best junior golfers of our club (hcp was around 30). I practiced a lot during the winter and summer of 2019. Right now my handicap is 8,6. I did biathlon for 6 years before quitting it last year. I have played many sports (also too much e-sports). During the summer I played around 100 rounds of golf (consisting of 1/3 18 hole rounds and 2/3 9 hole rounds). My dream is to get on the European tour. My typical round is 78-80. Last year my average drive was 200 meters. This summer it was around 240-250 meters


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Welcome to the forum. 

About 5 years ago I stayed in Finland for about a week. I was up near Seinajoki. It was during the time of year when the sun didn't set. I remember we played golf twice. We teed off at around 9PM both times. It was really cool. Although, I imagine it isn't quite as awesome in the winter. 

Anyway, I've been to Finland a few times and have always enjoyed it. 

Enjoy the forum. 

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Welcome to TST from Dallas, TX. Your numbers sound good. I wish that your dream becomes reality.

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    • Day 75.  More wall drill, plus I set up to a ball with my 6-iron (on a mat, but I didn't downswing and hit the ball at any point).  I set up, took the backswing, incorporating what I was getting out of the wall drill.  The thing I really noticed when I got to the top is that my club isn't as far over-extended (seriously, some of those face-on videos looked like I was trying to be John Daly). 
    • Hard to think of a more perfect iron shot from the rough. I guess you could ask to hole out but that seems a little greedy. Brave to even try the shot then it sounds like. Glad you were rewarded!
    • Some of DiMarco's missed putts were pretty timid efforts so that is why I described it as giving them away. He can say he misread them and that is true for some but others really were just poorly struck. It is not to say DiMarco handed the green jacket to Tiger on a silver platter but Tiger was very fortunate that DiMarco did not really capitalize on the chances he was giving himself. That said I agree it does not really take away from the case for Tiger's greatness. The post iacas linked to came off rather biased in tone so I more pointed this out to acknowledge that every Tiger victory was not a controlled cruise either. I think it just goes to show that winning a major is extremely difficult and even the greatest need some bounces to go their way sometimes. It is like that with many sports when played at such an elite level.
    • I played Richter Park a few weeks ago for the first time. It was nice, though not something I desire to drive two hours for. Playing Links at Union Vale again in a few weeks; that is a course that I don't mind the drive for. We could look at other central CT courses. Wintonbury Hills is really nice. I'm playing Gillette Ridge tomorrow, which is supposed to be similar. 
    • Jack's courses always seem to be like you have to always be calculating and many risk/reward decisions. It's harder to relax on his courses, imo.
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