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    • I do rest my driver on the ground. In fact, I tap my driver to make sure the head is sitting on solid ground.  I have an odd setup for my driver. If anyone were to watch me from behind, they’d think I am setting up for a practice swing because the ball and my club head are nowhere near each other! 
    • I have golf trips to Hawaii every year and I fly with Alaska Air. I pack EVERYTHING  into the golf bag so I don’t have to check another bag in. So far no issues. I lock my bag with a TSA approved lock and they always open and rearrange my things. And I always pack to the limit of 50lbs!
    • I believe the issue with distance is small and easily addressed.  Here are my thoughts: Let's say in the not too distant future the PGA tour is made up of guys that look more like long drive competitors.  Big tall muscular athletes that instead of going to the MLB or NFL see a more viable future in golf with distance being at the forefront.   There will still be your sharp shooters that can hit a 7 iron with the same accuracy as some of the bombers hit a wedge but they will be much more rare. When this is the case, they might have to build new longer golf courses that suit these super athletes or expand the existing ones in length.  Why is this a problem?  You only need enough courses to provide a year's worth of weekend tournament play.  These courses can have a much larger gap in the tee blocks so amateur short hitters can still play the courses if they want to see what a golf course played by the big boys feels like.  All the other golf courses in existence can remain the same because as previously mentioned they will still suit >99% of the golfing population.  If you are in the <1% of the golfing population who can hit 340+ yard drives while keeping the ball in play most of the time, then yeah, you are going to over power a lot of old golf courses, congratulations.  If you get really good maybe you can make the PGA Tour and play the big boy courses. A lot of the old history rich courses are going to become obsolete to these new super athletes.  So the tour can do one of two things.  Stop playing there because times have changed and it is what it is.  Or they are treated as separate events with a different set of rules (equipment restrictions).  
    • No they wouldn't..lol. But that was entertaining.
    • Haven't been keeping up with posting in this thread so here are my scores the past month. Been in a slump since about mid Jan, starting to come out of it. Part of it is also how hard the course is playing this time of year, not much grass on the fairways, greens are firm and fast and really tough to get it up and down off the dormant bermuda. Good news is my handicap is going up 👍
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