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    • At my club, we have a lot more of the first type than the second type.  These guys only play at scratch with their buddies, and they just don't care about the handicap system.  Yet there a few net events every year they want to play in.  It took a fair bit of convincing (coercion maybe is a better word) to get these guys to post (almost) all of their scores.  I offered to simply withdraw their handicap, so they wouldn't have to worry about posting scores.  Of course, that would also mean they wouldn't have a HI if they got invited to their brother-in-laws Member-Guest at Oakmont (or wherever), so they wouldn't be allowed to play.   I have no doubt there are bunch of the vanity cappers @bkuehn1952 describes, and we probably have a small number of those as well.   I also heard through the grapevine that a local high-school golf course had told his players to post only their competition scores.  Its a shame that someone in that position either doesn't understand the handicap system, or chooses to try to have his kids manipulate the system.
    • I just bought the Monster mat. It's 5 x 5 and stupid expensive ($328). This is the same mat I've been hitting off for the last year at the range when the grass is closed. Under commercial use they have held up real well and do not leave all that green residue on your irons. I figured that this is one of those items in life where you could try and save a little and live with many regrets or buy it once for life and be satisfied. They make a model up from this that you can peg a tee into but that cost even more. I just use one of those rubber tees that sit flush with the mat and that will hold a normal wooden tee. Also if you can't locate locally shipping will run about $50. I paired the mat with a Range Servant ball tray. Its rubber, not plastic, sits flush with the lip of the mat and is very heavy. It just absolutely will not move unless you move it. It holds about 50 golf balls.
    • The lighter shaft is easier to hit. I have a bad back and found I prefer a 50 g shaft even though I'm more accurate with a 65 g shaft. I've tried an S and it's like swinging with a board even though I have the SS to play one... it isn't worth it. A shaft that makes it easier on my back is always worth it. It comes down to something called COR. It's been the same for years. Coefficient of Restitution. This is defined as the ratio of the final velocity to the initial velocity between two objects after their collision. Basically COR is a measurement of the energy loss or retention when two objects collide. That's why the claim of 5 yds further is bogus. Drivers are more forgiving across the faces today than they used to be because they've gotten better at making the driver faces and widening the "sweet spot." Still there is that main sweet spot where you get the max distance.  Which driver are you more comfortable swinging? It seems like you answered that. It's your new one. Enjoy your Sim Max. 
    • View this round on GAME GOLF Great day for golf, if a bit on the humid side. Greens were fast and firm.  Probably the best I've driven the ball (with driver, at least) in a long time. Approach game wasn't as good, though. Short game was good, not great. Need to stop being lazy and not reading how the contours of the green will affect the ball where it lands. Putting was pretty good. Made a couple of mid range putts 12-15', but didn't convert anything in the 6-10' range.
    • I am an engineer and I get it.
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