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    • Great advice. I also have a Dremel tool which would seem to be useful in the process, possibly cutting or. deburring
    • If you have been doing regrips you are already well on your way. There is nothing mystical about club making, just geometry, physics, and common sense. If you've got the vise (by far most important tool), torch or heat gun, and a drill as mentioned, those are 3 big basics. Here is what I would add. Utility knife 48 inch ruler epoxy (start with quick set) sand paper (medium and fine grit) hacksaw, manual pipe cutter, rotary tool, or chop saw. Of course if you have a built out shop a belt sander is useful, as is the chop saw, but you can do all the same stuff with manual tools. If you have specific questions about picking shafts, I would ask those separately as you have to be more specific dealing with tip diameter, weight, length, flex, etc. I would look at some videos on Youtube as a starting point. I recommend finding the Mobile Clubmaker. 
    • You sound like you’re giving too much weight to the mental game.
    • Went to the course today to just putt and chip and just get some fresh air. There were two cop cars there turning people away. Thats the second time in a week I have seen the police used to shut down a golf course. Meanwhile, the jogging path that circles the golf course boundary fence was teeming with people walking and jogging, and the local park has people flying kites and hanging out as well. I just cannot understand my local government's emphasis on keeping people off the golf course. 
    • I sort of skimmed through this so I'll just add what I'm seeing here in Massachusetts. Laid off from my job of 18 years last fall I started working in the pro shop and will be teaching at the golf school that operates at the same club.  We are a public 18 hole course with range, restaurant, bar and patio. The governor issued a stay at home advisory last Tuesday.  He was keeping parks open though.  He said " just be smart and don't play basketball or football". ... Friggin brilliant!  We closed the restaurant, bar and patio the weekend before. The course and range closed on Tuesday.  The owner of the course talked to the board of health and town officials.  Where the order specified "brick and mortar" we moved our operation outside.  We abided by most of what was listed I the survey in this thread other than members only and group size.  We also wiped down every cart that came back in.  Staff wore latex gloves. We reopened on Thursday afternoon since the town said we sounded ok.  We sold out Friday and Saturday tee times.  Friday afternoon the board of health and 3 cops came down ( and they were not social distancing) with a revised letter from the governor closing us down.  We did let everyone finish.  We told the cops they would have to go out and get everyone if they wanted them off now. I can see how stupid people are though.  We did our part yet people come together in a car.  We give hem separate carts and a few people wanted to ride together and then questioned me on the one cart one person rule.  I told them that's the rule or you get no cart at all.  It's what we have to do to stay open... This week I plan on going out myself.  I work there.   I'm safer out there than anywhere else.  Walking down the street there are others out there, going to the grocery store, liquor store.  There is no "need" to play but I'm no threat out there and nobody is a threat to me.
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