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    • So, re-upping this thread because I have something to say about the state of my game. COVID-19 has obviously affected us all and for me, I got a lot busier with work and really didn't have much time or inclination to do much golf related back in March/April when courses open up here in NY.  Indeed, my first round was on April 25th and whereas I played 6 rounds in May, 1 in June, and 5-7 a month since then.  Practice was, predictably, also went in spurts, with minimal indoor practice and my averaging 2 range sessions a week in May and only 2 in June and July.  However, in the 3 weeks I've committed myself to trying to improve and have gone to the range roughly 5x a week.  With the weather getting cold early I'll have to double commit myself because I really don't like the cold.  I've played 25 rounds this year and I thought I'd see where I'm at.  I carry an unofficial handicap and at the end of last season I had been playing my best golf ever and I calculated my HC at 20.9 which was encouraging because beginning in 2019 it was 26.3.  However, like much of 2020, my golf game has been a disappointment. I don't know if you can combine this or not to give an accurate estimate but the average CR/SR of the courses I've played so far this year has been 70.4/124.  My average score is 103.4 with the average par being 71.7 and my unofficial HC has risen from 20.9 to 23.3.  I've had 6 rounds in the 90's (the lowest a 90 on my birthday 🥳), 14 between 100 and 109, and 5 where I score 110 or more.  I have a spreadsheet where I keep my stats which also calculates a target score which is based on my unofficial HC.  I have beaten that target score only twice this year, hit it on the nose once, and 22 times gone over, with 10 of those instances by double digits.  I average 2.52 GIRs per round, about 14%.  I also average 5.8 penalty strokes per round.  As I see it, by every metric, I am a bad golfer. Given that much of my practice has happened in the last three weeks, I thought i'd take a look at how I've performed in that time period relative to the rest of the year.  I've played 6 rounds, putting up a score of 100 or more in all of them with an average score of 102.5 on courses with an average CR/SR of 71.2/125 and shooting about 6 strokes over my target score and not actually reaching it.  My unofficial HC has gone up from 22.6 to 23.3.  The sad part is that I feel like I'm improving, I just can't keep it consistent.  Sometimes it's taken me a bit to get in the groove with my driver and other times my irons have been crap.  This isn't anything I'm sure you all have or are currently experiencing yourselves.  In any case, my real nemesis, IMO, is my penalty strokes.  I feel like my technique is improving to a certain degree and that I'm making better contact and hitting the ball further so, when it goes bad, it goes really bad.  As I mentioned I'm averaging 5.8 penalty strokes a round this year but in the last 6 rounds, that number has ballooned to 8.2 with my pulling the feat of not only having 11 in a round two weeks ago but having 6 holes in a row with a penalty yesterday. In any case, yesterday was a bit deflating but I remain optimistic and convinced I'm headed in the right direction and that at some point, it'll all click and I'll shoot under my target score with (hopefully), a minimum amount of penalty strokes.  Only time will tell. 
    • Solid review. Unfortunately I have no use for a non-waterproof shoe. I wear the Original and the Major now. 
    • I hear you and agree that we all can appreciate those who are skilled in their respective sports rather than simply over-powering a sport, but I would offer that all of the time and effort today’s athletes put into their training and bodies is probably a bigger requirement to be successful in today’s era than in the day’s of our fathers and grandfathers, thus power naturally becomes a bigger factor in the sport than in years past. As athletes get bigger, stronger, faster, sports will inevitably change/evolve in they way they are played out.  If you seriously don’t want to watch golfers over power courses and the sport in the years to come, there’s always the Champions Tour to watch 🙃
    • I mean, we all get frustrated but that's just sophomoric.   
    • Some of those misses included the first cut, which is barely longer than the fairway, or fringes, or fairway bunkers (where lies can be okay). He drove the ball well. Danny Lee didn't putt the ball well here:  
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