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Callaway GBB and Epic Taken to the Range… "Wonky"?

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I typically play a Callaway GBB, 9 degree driver, with an "old man Bassara" E42 Lite shaft because, well... I'm old.  Regardless, today I tried using that same shaft on an Epic Flash 9 degree head.  Same settings on the shaft.   Two heads, same shaft.  I hit several, ok, a lot of range balls.  The results were.... "wonky", odd, but reasonably consistent.  Ball flights were very similar EXCEPT.... with the Epic the ball got out there 80% of the way it then "knuckleballed" or appeared to.  It really looked like it was a serious major league Phil Niekro knuckleball.   The overall distance was about the same for either head.  But the Epic flew very strange as the ball flight peaked.  The range balls were clean.  The weather consistent.  If I went back to the GBB, no knuckleball at the end.  Back to the Epic, knuckleball.  Normally in baseball you would equate a knuckleball that "lack of spin", by definition.  I assume.... this may be occurring here as well.   The first 80% of the ball flights were not noticeably different.  But to see a ball fly out most of the way and then noticeable move side to side, drop, seemingly randomly shudder in its flight is.... weird.  What don't I get ?  

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Assuming you are striking the ball in the same place on both club heads, it means that the heads are different.  They have different sweet spots and hence different spin rates.  Most likely the Epic will benefit from hitting it lower/higher on the club face depending on its sweet spot and spin characteristics.

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Yes, lack of spin.  The Epic Flash is lower spinning than the GBB.

i had a Ping G30 LST before and hit it short due to lack of spin.  I just don’t have a spin problem and the head was wrong for me

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