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    • I made some attempts at golf in my two rounds this past week, but the best shot of the week was a scuttle 70 yard chip and run down the hill under the tree of the cart path to just off the green about 25 feet from the hole at the par-5 18th at Afton on Saturday. And I made the putt for birdie, too.
    • I don't remember this.  He thought the ticket meant he could play a practice round?
    • I must be playing with more observant people than you.  My club's rules controversies are few and far between.  Although the tournament chairman did catch someone a month or two ago taking a drop and then claiming it was a ball that he couldn't find.  That's one person we won't be seeing at events for a while.
    • Welcome to TST and welcome back from  your coma. As you may have discovered there are plenty of options out there for clubs. We now have SGI ( Super Game Improvement) , GI ( Game Improvement), Player’s Distance irons, and of course your cavity backs and muscle backs. Almost every major brand has a series of all or some of these categories.  The general consensus these days is to get a good fitting done and see what works for you. Find a few brands you like, even if it’s just due to looks/price. eBay, 2ndSwing, Callaway Pre-owned are some places to find great deals on golf clubs. If you want some current golf mechanic content we have plenty of that here as well. Look around and enjoy and post in the many different topics we have here. You can even start a ‘My Swing’ thread in the ‘Members Swings’ section and get some swing advice. Cheers! https://thesandtrap.com/forums/forum/13-member-swings/    
    • I'm not sure I know my first score, since my first few times on a regulation course, I was playing twilight after work when all I owned was a 5W, some irons and wedges, and a putter.  I don't think I finished 18 any day that summer.  At some point I had the courage to go play on a weekend and probably shot around where you are. A few things I think are good going forward: * You pick up after a while.  I assume that's what your "double par limit" is.  When you're learning, there's no sense frustrating yourself;  get out, have fun.  * You got out of a bunker in one shot two out of three times.  Assuming that's indicative, your sand game is in better shape than some friends of mine who have been playing longer than you. Congrats on that par.    I hope you keep playing, keep improving, and keep enjoying the game and that we keep hearing from you around here.  
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