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Did the WHS Change Your Handicap?

How much did your HI change, 12 Dec 2019 to 6 Jan 2020  

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  1. 1. How much did your HI change, 12 Dec 2019 to 6 Jan 2020

    • Up 2.0 or more
    • Up 1.0 to 1.9
    • Up 0.5 to 0.9
    • between -0.4 and +0.4
    • down 0.5 to 0.9
    • down 1.0 to 1.9
    • down 2.0 or more

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My index didn't change but my local course handicap changed by four strokes from my usual tee.  I also noticed the difference from different tee boxes became closer to what they actually should be.

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With Argentinian System i played with 2 handicap at my home course from the tips. We don´t have index. With the new system i have 2.3 index and i will play with 1 handicap at my home course so a dif

It doesn’t matter.  The raw scores are irrelevant.  Only the differentials matter, and those remain the same, as calculated by the rules in effect at the time.

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    • Don't think that didn't get noticed by yours truly. They always swallow the whistle in the playoffs. When it is your team involved you just hope the calls or non-calls even out.
    • Day 116.  My golf room was occupied, but while watching the U.S. Open round on TV, I did practice my grip, stance, and putter swing on a rug in my living room (the room itself is hardwood, so I didn't practice there, and the ball was hit into a pillow when I hit a ball).  I did the coins drill from Stan Utley's The Art of Putting, where you have two dimes 3" in front of the ball and two quarters and a penny an inch or so behind.  The idea is to miss the coins on the backswing and hit the dimes on the way forward.  I had mixed results, two things occurred to me: 1.  I don't know if that's still what is recommended for a putting stroke.  I know from the obvious thread what pace is like in a good putting stroke, but I'm not sure I really know the rest. 2.  I don't know how to practice a putting stroke slowly or what that would even mean.  That seems like something worth learning.
    • Second entry; this time for second question.  My father doesn't play and I don't have any children.  My mother's father played when he was alive and well, but that was before I had any interest in the game.  I initially wrote an entry about rounds played in the afterlife (and that'd be the stat: rounds played), but while I meant it as a serious statement, I had trouble phrasing it to not sound like a joke entry. So here's the entry:  my good friend [name omitted] needs distance.  To some extent, he's the guy mentioned at one point in TST:  he won't hit it that far offline, and when he's within whatever an iron distance for him is, he's probably going to put it on the green, and once he's on the green, he'll likely be down within two putts.  
    • Pretty hard for settings that are around infinity for the most part to be out of focus. Time for a new TV.  
    • Jack Nicklaus has small hands and uses an interlocking grip.  Give it a try and see what you think.
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