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Shots You’ve Called

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I haven't really called anything beyond a decently long putt (15') and a few short chips (but they did go in).  I've had many wedge shots where the minute I hit the ball I knew it was good.  Two stand very strong in my memory with one a few weeks ago.  From 115 yards hit a wedge.  Said out loud "that's really good" even before looking.  Ball hit flag stick and ricocheted 28 yards away to a difficult chip.  Did not make par. First time it happened the ricocheted was to an uneven worse spot.

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34 minutes ago, Sean_D said:

I decided I would stop with the negative talk one day and have stopped hitting as many balls into that pond, but have said many times "This one is going swimming", as was correct.

Me to. 

My crystal ball is decidedly negative. It is especially good at predicting doom on a couple of very particular par-3 holes. The confounding thing is that I'm equally capable of missing in the opposite direction with the shots they require. However, one always hooks. The other is always a push.


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I think I am among the group who can honestly say "Never". I just don't call out my shots. 

Closest thing I have is 15 years ago while playing skins against a friend at Coldwater Links in Ames Iowa. Hole number 14 is a par 5 along the back of the course. I snap-hooked my drive OB left. I told my buddy "That's okay, I'll still make par." Overcompensated the 2nd drive (shot 3) way right into the 13th fairway. Hit 3 wood to the edge of the green and make a 15 footer for par. 

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I tried to find an earlier post I made on just this topic. Can't find it, so I'll have to type it all over again...

I pulled my drive left through the trees into the rough along the adjacent fairway. I was under a smallish tree, in front of me is another tree with some branches somewhat higher up about 20yds away. And running the length of both holes between the fairways are some pretty tallish trees fully in leaf, so to speak. But- wind is HOWLING across perpendicular at about 25-30mph. I was 280 from the green according to my GPS thing. 

We get to the ball and I take a look at the situation for a minute or two and decide. Now- I have been telling the guys I play with to NEVER, EVER go for the "Hero" shot- just get it back into play as best you can and play in from there. But on this day I turned to "Bob" and said; "Okay here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to take my 5W and hit it from under these branches, then under those, then the spin is going to balloon the ball up in the air and the wind is going to grab it and push it back into our fairway and drop it just short of the fairway bunker about 120 yds from the green..." He looked at me like I had two heads. "What happened to never take the hero shot?" I shrugged and said "watch". I lined up and just as the wind gusted I took the shot: Under these branches, then the next, then it rose up and started riding to the right, went over the trees and landed in the middle of the fairway. "HOLY F*CK" was all I heard... didn't quite pull it off like I wanted, though- it was 130 yards from the green. THAT is my greatest ever called shot. But I've a few that were like "yeah, I have to punch it around with a draw", or "I gonna play a fade to the back corner", etc... pretty mundane stuff. But that 5 Wood still resonates in our little group.

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As @p1n9183 said, the real key is to regularly call a shot.  You will fail a lot but can brag about the 1 out of 100 you make, unless you play with the same group.

There is a long par 4 finishing hole (447 par 4) on a course I play frequently. Often I am the single that joins a 2 or 3 some.  I regularly would say, "the key to this hole is play an old ball and hit the cart path on the right with a slight draw."  Well, I missed the cart path a lot BUT the handful of times I hit it and rode down to inside 150 yards was worth the astonished looks the guys would give me.

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