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Diamana Driver Shaft Alternatives

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15 minutes ago, boogielicious said:

I’ve played that Aldila shaft. It was not too stiff for me and my SS was 92 - 94 at the time. 

That’s very helpful to know. Mine is around 108-110 so I guess it’s fair to assume that wasn’t necessarily the problem.

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Try looking for a D+, D+plus or a D+plus Limited.  These are earlier Diamana White versions that still see regular wins on the PGA tour but should be much cheaper than a DF.




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Slight plot twist I thought might be worth sharing. I ended up going somewhere different to get another opinion fitting-wise. I was fit for the same head (G410) and the HZRDUS Yellow 65 in 6.5 flex. I ended up pulling the trigger on that, especially because I was able to get it at no upcharge.

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On 1/15/2020 at 7:56 AM, JGH65 said:

Recently, I went for a driver fitting.   It was a great experience and the difference was massive compared to my current driver (20-30 yards of added carry, much higher ball speed, total distance, tight dispersion, etc.) The shaft I was fitted for is the Diamana DF Series 60g, trimmed -.75. Unfortunately, the shaft itself is $400, which would’ve put me at almost $900 for a driver. Simply put, that’s unrealistic for me right now.

I was wondering if there are any driver shafts that have a similar profile/characteristics at a more reasonable price point. I know looking for something “similar” to what I was fitted for can get a little tricky and isn’t the best idea, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Any input would be much appreciated.


I'm not sure if this information is too late or not. I saw the post that you made your purchase. I'm glad you found what you needed and didn't get the money sucked out of you.

For what its worth, yesterday I was chatting with my favorite fitter. I happened to mention your Diamana DF 60 dilemma. He said "Oh, tell him to try the Kuro Kage Silver 60." My guy says the Kuro Kage Silver 60 is almost exactly the same weight, balance, bend point, bend profile, frequency, and torque. He got into some technical stuff that I didn't fully understand. But, if my understanding is correct, the Kuro Kage Silver is made from different (less expensive) fibers than the Diamana DF. However, it's performance is damned near identical. Both shafts are made by Mitsubishi Chemical and my fitter, whom I trust, says than when ever somebody covets the Diamana DF 60 and looks for a lower cost alternative he puts them in the Kuro Kage Silver 60 as there usually, (may depend on driver brand) isn't an up charge. 

Just thought I'd mention it. 

12 hours ago, JGH65 said:

Slight plot twist I thought might be worth sharing. I ended up going somewhere different to get another opinion fitting-wise. I was fit for the same head (G410) and the HZRDUS Yellow 65 in 6.5 flex. I ended up pulling the trigger on that, especially because I was able to get it at no upcharge.

Glad you found a fitter, who would give you options without an upcharge. Enjoy the new driver. New drivers are always cool. I mean, who doesn't love getting a new driver?

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    • Ok, I see what you mean, Erik. How about Henrik Stenson for a modern example? There are a bunch of videos of his shots in the 2016 Open Championship which he raises his head post P6, with a driver as well. 2016 Open was when he averaged over 7 strokes ahead of the field average, which hadn't been done since Tiger in 2000 US Open. The video examples you used of Tiger was post 2012, after he couldn't swing like early 2000s anymore. If you look at his tee shot on #2 of final round of 2000 US Open, you'll notice he definitely dips longer than late 2000s-early 2010s. Henrik Stenson in 2016 Open is probably the closest and best modern example I can come up with in terms of the head raise after P6 movement.
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    • Day 11.  Today was a good day for practice.  I found half an hour in the afternoon to (slowly) hit balls (indoor, off a mat, into a net, real balls, 6- and 8-iron).  I also had time for Speed Sticks in the backyard.  I am encouraged by Green 112 mph on the final iteration. 
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