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Her website isn't much, but this woman traded texts with me for about ten days and then, when I finally had settled on everything on the morning of the 15th, she got to work and the items were in my hands at 2pm on the 17th. And it wasn't just one thing: I had ordered a driver, 3W, and hybrid head cover, plus an alignment stick cover and valuables pouch.

The fabric I had in mind didn’t exist (black/grey predominantly with three other colors), and I really wanted hardcovers that would match a whole bunch of different themes and things and whatnot that I have going on (blue and white for Behrend, orange and black and white for LSW, black and red for 5SK, green and orange for Golf Evolution, etc.), so I settled on a colorful plaid.

The first pic is darker and “pinker” due to my daughter’s window blinds.

2020-01-17 13.41.31-1.jpg2020-01-17 14.12.43-1.jpg2020-01-17 14.14.38-1.jpg

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On 1/18/2020 at 10:17 AM, RoberX said:

WHat is her website?


Custom handmade golf head covers from the finest wools, waterproof materials and unusual finds!

It’s not super updated. (Edit 2021-01-03: slightly more updated now.)

She stays busy without having to post everything there.

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Happy to announce Brenda has joined the site as @GeauGolf!

Welcome to TST!

Everyone else, if you have any ideas for headcovers, send them Brenda’s way. She’s made headcovers that look like Air Jordan sneakers, headcovers with highly customized logos/stitching/artwork, and so on. She specializes in the plaid/tartan wool headcovers, I think, but she can do almost everything.

I love my headcovers, and my daughter loves her putter headcover.

She can speak for herself but I’m hoping she adds photos of maybe her five to ten most best or favorite headcovers to show off her variety and range.

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Hi y’all! Geau golf here!  To answer some questions:  I finally updated my website somewhat but it’s not magnificent.

I don’t do plush animals.  That’s really daphnes thing.  I really stick more to the traditional barrel styles , boxing glove shapes, and putter covers. I also do valuables bags and zip pouches.  I work alone... it’s all hand made.   If you find me on Instagram you’ll see a nice collection of what I’ve made for people. eBay lists my general merchandise. 

anytime you have a question, just message me!



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I don't think I've shown this to anyone, but a year or so ago I got an alignment stick sleeve from @GeauGolf in the shape of a submarine:


It's fun, looks cool, and gets a lot of compliments!

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Just now, GeauGolf said:

Oh wow! I remember that!! Still working??



Works great!

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Shortly after this conversation, I contacted Brenda to see if she could make a headcover for my wife's birthday.  In addition to golf, she takes trapeze lessons, just loves it.  With no more information than that, Brenda came up with a few ideas.  Mary Anne's birthday was this past Friday, and she absolutely LOVES her new headcover!


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7 hours ago, iacas said:

Brenda is currently working on something (well, in a few weeks when the fabric arrives) secret for @NatalieB.

So you won't tell us or her what it is?   (🤣).     

Brenda's covers look amazing.  

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    • A little filming today. I had my first over-15-minutes practice session (with some recording of video!) on Monday. I played well Tuesday and into Wednesday, and the front nine Thursday before it started to get a bit loose. The swings felt like they did last year: effortless, easy, and yet the ball just rocketed off straight and high. Of course, last year in February and into March and through April I practiced about an hour+ per day, sometimes two hours. Cuz, y’know, not much else to do. This year, the backswing is better (still feels extreme), but the left wrist goes into palmar flexion from 3.5 to 4 and that puts the right wrist in a bad position from which it “torques out” throughout the transition.
    • Hands down, but some peeps gave me crap for not being all over curds.. 😂 so I'm gonna go all out. Hmm.. DQ curds didn't quite leave that much of an impression few weeks ago, but I would be more than happy to receive the upgrade from the real stuff.
    • Let’s all cross our fingers for @cipher to get some good tee times tomorrow morning. I think the general plan is to try to play the big course in the morning (late morning, probably), and the Sand Box after that. BUT, since we’re not resort guests… we’ll take what we can get, and they’ve told Nate there won’t be much of an issue getting the times. We should have probably three days there, and six rounds counting the Sand Box rounds, so everyone should probably plan to have an extra $120 ($20/round) for some action. I don’t think we’ll have anything big, maybe just a little skins game, or a little something. Maybe we’ll skip the action on the big courses and have a hole-in-one fund where if you make double or worse on the Sand Box you add $10 to the hole in one pot or something. Any ideas? Just something fun. I don’t want people to have to grind AT ALL, and I don’t want people even possibly being sad when someone else plays well. So, enough money that you can buy yourself a few beers or a steak or something, but not so much that other people are sad at paying it out. Or, we can say screw it, and do nothing like this. Since Thursday/Friday we have set foursomes, we’ll also mix it up a bit more during the week. Right now if it’s ABCD (Nate, me, John, Matt) and EFGH (Vishal, Dave, Dan, Bill), I’ll figure out a decent mix. I think Vishal and Matt are past the bagel thing, too. 😉
    • I am just glad the misinformation in the internet did not exist to stop people getting the Small Pox vaccine decades ago.   High vaccination rates basically made Small Pox extinct.
    • Why NOT just get vaccinated? My bad. 
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