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taper tip iron shafts

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i am looking for a complete set of these (3-p,d,s) that won't wreck my budget; i am refurbishing a set of old irons and do not want to spend too much; i prefer to use taper vs. reaming them out; does anyone know of any supplier who has these for under $10/shaft; i need regular flex; if someone has a set of burnouts also let me know; i am doing an old set of vas 792s and they have the firm shaft and i want to go to regular; the firm where the old dynalites and the regular where the old release shafts; thanks

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Two options I can suggest, one is to find a set of Dynamic Gold R300s used on Ebay. Did a quick search and found sets basically new for $110 for 3-p set.

Also just checked Rock Bottom Golf and found they have Dynamite XP steel tapers for $41 for 3-p!! That is a pretty stupid good deal. Would still need to get a couple extra wedge shafts sounds like but at that price you could go pick up a couple of any shaft and still be around budget.

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Cheapest new shafts I found was True Temper TTx lite at $12/shaft at Golf Works. After that, new taper tip shafts run fro about $25-$55 per shaft. as some one else suggested, check E Bay.

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