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    • I hit a 6I to a green (14 at Whispering Woods) a few weeks ago that never left the flag. I thought of saying "Natalie, we're tied" (she has one ace, I have zero) but didn't want to jinx myself. Good thing, too. The ball hit a foot right of the hole, popped up a few inches, and dropped and stopped two inches in front of the ball mark. Unless I flew it in the hole — and @billchao can attest to how poorly that works out for me too — there was almost no ground covered by my ball where it could have gone in.
    • I hate saying this but the big factor in this is conditioning. You have to build up stamina/get stronger if you want to be able to do this. You don't really mention it, but I am assuming that it is your "golf muscles" that are sore after the first 18? If so, reps is the key IMO. Going and chipping balls doesn't count as reps either. It's great for improving your game, but does next to nothing for stamina. Another odd thing, semi-conditioning related, is that I see very little in your schedule for grooving in your desired full swing. You talk about doing experimental stuff, which is good and all, but you don't say anything about how many balls, and if any of them are just your stock swing. If you spend your time working odd muscles because you are manufacturing swings that you don't normally play, and then get on the course and only use your stock swing, I could see how your muscles would get tired. One more point is the afternoon range session on Saturday. If you skipped this, could you get through 18 holes both days? Seems odd to waste what stamina you have on a range session in between rounds. You should already have "the shots you need" before the weekend. That's what all the practice during the week should be for. Something you may want to do, is track how many full swings you take during a one week period. If it is under 200-250, playing 18 two days in a row may be tough. You seem to spend lots of time on short game, but very little on full swing.
    • I'm fairly new at this game(about 3 years) and I'm always conflicted on my bag setup for my wedges. I have a pitching wedge at 43 and a.gap wedge at 49. Is that too big a gap? They came with the set of TM Aeroburner irons. I also have a 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 from various sources ...some bought ...some given to me. If I keep the PW and GW  I only have room for 2 others. I use the 58 out of the sand and it's OK but really love it on short approach shots and green side rough so I really want it keep it in the bag.The 56  is about the same as the 58 out of the sand but I don't hit it nearly as well otherwise. I hit the 54 very well with good control and have at times used it as my pitching wedge. The 52 is currently sitting out but there are times when I would like the extra distance over the 54. The 60 is out of the bag but it is much better from the sand for high lips than my 58. BTW...the 58 is a Cleveland Smart Sole sand wedge so opening the face is not an option. Any thoughts from you more experienced guys would be greatly appreciated. I keep talking myself in and out of things (which explains so many wedges of such similar lofts).
    • I really think this weekend's Match broke the ice for other sporting events to start taking place without fans.  Great to see The Memorial trying to move forward with fans by mid-July.  Once the momentum starts to move towards restarting it'll happen quickly. 
    • I know we aren't supposed to repeat themes in this thread, but I thought you might let me get away with it this one time.   
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