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I need help tipping my new shafts for "one length" irons

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So I bought new fujikura pro 63i shafts for my cobra f7 one length irons and I'm trying to figure out what to tip them at. I've read variable lengths is 1/2 for 3iron and 1/2 for each club after descending order. The original shafts are all a 7 iron from what I understand, so by sticking to that if I cut 2.5 inches off the tip then cut to length I should be good correct? I dont want to cut and then realize I messed up. Any help is appreciated thankyou.

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Yes, if you are using one length irons where all the heads are the same weight, you would ideally tip all the shafts the same. However there are no hard and fast rules. If you have issues with the long irons, you also have the option of tipping them a bit less to help give you a bit more launch height. Just depends what you need.

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On 2/7/2020 at 12:38 AM, Karllitten96 said:

I bought new fujikura pro 63i shafts for my cobra f7

As mentioned, contact Cobra and also contact Fujikura. Call: 1 800 728 6420 Have a question? #AskChad



Pending your intentions, you could consider soft-stepping or hard-stepping to achieve results for each iron.
Also you might consider mix-matching S-Flex and R-Flex for achieving desired results.

Generally when equipment is modified, it becomes "trial and error" to achieve the right fit.
I suggest build the 6 or 7 iron first to test. Then build from test results.


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I would call Cobra as possibly the very last resort. You will not get any useful information from anyone there, or any OEM for that matter. Sorry, this sort of thing is above the pay grade of anyone you would talk to. May have slightly better chance calling Fuji.

Again though it's more educated guess when dealing with one length clubs based on weight and desired help with ball flight.

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