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Hole-By-Hole Of Your Home Course

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In this topic, just give the name of your home course, some general info about it (yardage, par, rating/slope) and then a rundown of each hole. I’ll start. This’ll be my first course post of probably three on this topic. Yardage will be from white tees.

Umstead Pines Golf and Swim Club in Durham, NC. Par: 72; Yardage: 6063 from whites. Rating/Slope: 69.5/123 whites.

No. 1: Par 4, 365 yards, SI 4. This is a tough opening hole. Dogleg left. A good fairway wood/long iron will leave you about 160 in, but miss right if you do miss. Left is OB. The approach is all carry, and the green slopes off on all sides. There is a bunker short-right.

No. 2: Par 4, 337 yards, SI 8. One of the shorter par-4s on the course, and one of the wider fairways. Again, OB is left, but you’ve got all the room in the world to miss right past about 170 to the green. The approach plays slightly uphill. There are two bunkers, one short-left, the other short-right.

No. 3: Par 3, 140 yards, SI 10. The first one-shotter plays about half a club downhill to a well-guarded green, a massive bunker wrapping short and left, and slopes long. Right is the ideal miss here. The green slopes from front to back, making approaches with no spin hard to stop.

No. 4: Par 5, 478 yards, SI 14. This is a dogleg right, and you only need about 200 yards to get past the corner. A fairway bunker sits right at the 100 yard marker, in perfect position for those wishing to lay up. The green is open to runups, and shots that trickle off the back can roll back down to the green, a common theme at this course.

No. 5: Par 4, 377 yards, SI 2. A really fun hole, especially from the blue tees, 45 yards back. The tee shot is downhill, then the hole doglegs right and gives you an all-carry approach to a green guarded by two bunkers short left and right. The green slopes from back to front. Par is a good score from any tee box.

No. 6: Par 4, 303 yards, SI 16. Unless you can carry the ball past the fairway bunker, which is about 210 from the tee, you’re getting little to no roll. The fairway is probably 50 yards wide past the 100 marker, and 30 yards wide short of it. The green slopes severely from back to front, making anything long a tough up-and-down.

No. 7: Par 3, 150 yards, SI 12. Probably my favorite hole on the course, but No. 11 is another possibility. It’s a mid-length par-3 for me, leading to a smallish green guarded by two deep bunkers. Long is dead.

No. 8: Par 4, 318 yards, SI 6. Don’t let the short yardage fool you. This is a sneaky hard hole. It’s a sharp dogleg left, and there’s a fairway bunker about 70 out that you can’t see from the tee. You can try to cut the corner and have about 50 yards in, but good luck. I won’t be doing it with you 😂. On the approach, there’s a bunker short-left, but there’s plenty of room short-right, which is the only really acceptable miss. This is the only hole in the first twelve I’ve not birdied yet.

No. 9: Par 5, 442 yards, SI 18. For the better golfers, this hole and probably the next are gimme birdies. They are both very short par-5s, but there are some quirks to each. Here, there’s a dogleg to the left, and a fairway bunker at the corner of the dogleg, making you think twice about cutting the corner. The driving range is also to your immediate left, which plays as OB. The approach plays slightly uphill, and there’s two bunkers short of the green, and steep drop-offs right and long.

No. 10: Par 5, 444 yards, SI 17. After a lengthy walk across the parking lot to the tenth tee, you face the second of back-to-back par-5s. This one has an uphill tee shot. The ideal play is left of center, as it opens up the green. There’s two clumps of trees in the middle of the fairway about 170 from the green. If you miss too far left or too far right, especially the latter, you’re not reaching in two. Even if you can get it there, you have to contend with three bunkers short of the green, and then the green is about twice as wide as it is deep.

No. 11: Par 4, 359 yards, SI 15. Again, this may be one of my favorite holes on the course. The tee shot must be either in the fairway or left. Miss right at any point on this hole, and you’re dead. At best, you’ll have a bad sidehill lie to contend with. At worst, you’re implementing the stroke-and-distance penalty. The green here has some subtle breaks, so be careful when putting. Oh, and there’s a greenside bunker short-left. 

No. 12: Par 3, 165 yards, SI 9. An all-carry approach here. Again, either short or long is the miss. Losing it a little bit right isn’t too bad, but left can very likely run into a creek. Short-left is in a bunker, and there’s a false front to watch out for.

No. 13: Par 4, 421 yards, SI 1. If this hole had a name, it would be ‘The Narrows’. That’s exactly what this hole is. If you miss the fairway or the green here, it better not be more than 20 feet off line. If it is, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. There are two bunkers short-right. Short or short-left is the ideal miss, and there’s another false front. Putting or chipping from above the hole here can get ugly. Even for a good player, there’s a real possibility where you're chipping or putting for three, but you walk away with six. Bottom line: take five and run to 14. This is the most difficult par-4 I’ve ever played. Not close to the longest, but definitely the most difficult.

No. 14: Par 4, 356 yards. This hole is somewhat of a reprieve. A dogleg right hole, you can easily cut off 20 or 30 yards by bombing it over the trees. The blue tees give you the perfect opportunity to do so. They’re 40 yards behind the white tees. The approach to this green is a tamer version of 17 at St. Andrews. I’ll take a picture of the green and post it here one day. If you know St. Andrews, you know what I’m talking about. For the third hole in a row; there’s a false front.

No. 15: Par 4, 373 yards, SI 3. A downhill tee shot awaits. It looks like you can curve it around the corner and cut 30-40 yards off your approach. Ummm...don’t. There’s a small pond about 100 yards from the green. There’s also a bunker short-right, and combined with the almost certain downhill lie you’ll have for the second shot, a middle-or back-right pin is almost impossible to get close to.

No. 16: Par 5, 523 yards, SI 13. The longest hole on the course, and the only hole I have birdied out of the last six. Take the big stick out and let it fly! OB is finally somewhat out of your hair, although there are still woods to look out for. There’s a fairway bunker about 240 from the tee, in perfect range for the middle or longish hitter. Once you get past that, it’s a straight shot to the green, but you have to keep in mind the two bunkers short of the green. They’re not hard to get out of, but they’re there. Not too bad for a long    par-5.        

No. 17: Par 4, 355 yards, SI 11. If you look up this course’s website and go to the golf page, you’ll see this hole as the background. A fun par-4 with five fairway bunkers gathered in a cluster. You can bite off as little or as much as you want. The approach has yet another false front to deal with, and two bunkers on either side. I like to go to the red tee and try to drive the green, because they’re 100 yards in front of the white tee! 

No. 18: Par 3, 157 yards, SI 5. Ah, the finishing hole. A par-3 over a beautiful lake. There are two bunkers on either side of the green (which I’ve never been in), and the last false front of the round. The dining room overlooks the 18th green, so you’d better hit it stiff if there’s an event going on!

So, there you have it, my home course. It challenges your game in neat ways, and it’s just a fun track that currently in good shape. If you’re in town, let me know and I’ll make the tee time!

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Royal Golf Club in Slidell LA  From the White Tees is 6245 yards  70.10/155

1.  Par 4 386 yds.  Fairly straight forward.  Best to bet is to get around the 150 marker and fly it to the green.  Off the tee box, in the fairway or slightly left is okay, going a bit right can get you in trouble with trees.

2.  Par 3 183 yards.  Straight with water to the left and OB in trees and ditch on right.  Best to be straight and short.

3.  Par 4 387 yards.  Pretty straight with second shot having to carry over water.  Water on right of green so if you are gonna miss the 2nd shot, best to miss a bit left.  Bad tee shot and you will not be able to hit GIR.

4.  Par 4 403 yards.  Straight with trees to the right and a ditch to the left.  A fairly wide fairway but a good shot off the tee is really an asset.  Green is built up a few feet so not gonna get anything to run up, have to pretty much hit the green on the fly.

5.  Par 4 390 yards.  Fairly wide fairway.  Nice drive gets you to the 150 area and you have hit the green because it is also hard to run it up onto the green.

6.  Par 5 483 yards.  Trees on left make it hard to reach the green in 2 or 3 if you are over there.  Humps to the right, but better here if you don't hit the middle of the fairway.  Small ditch runs across the fairway and can come into play on your 2nd shot.  Closer to the green are large oak trees on the left and to the right.  Long and left will put you in the water.

7.  Par 3 128 yards.  Have to carry water to reach the green.  For some reason (for me) the ball seems not to carry so I hit one more club than normal for that distance.  Pin placement is what will dictate what club you will need.  Missing right better than missing left.

8.  Par 4 364 yards.  Dogleg left.  First shot over water .  Safe play is to the 150 marker but you can take a chance and hit driver over water to shorten 2nd shot.  Me, I play to the 150 marker.  Second shot is pretty straight forward but you do not want to miss right as it is harder to get to the normal pin location than from the left side.  When pin placement is in the front, difficult to putt if above the hole or from right side.

9.  Par 5 475 yards.  Dogleg left.  Crucial to hit tee shot past trees on the left and the oak tree to have a good look for 2nd shot to the green.  Trees on left are like a magnet for golf ball.  Preferred shot of the tee is a long draw giving you a chance to hit green in 2.  Second shot that misses left can be big problem.  Best to miss a little to the right.

10.  Par 4 388 yards.  Green is slightly left from the tee but safe play is to the middle to just right of middle of the fairway.  Errant tee shot to the left is trouble into the trees or a blocked shot to the green.  Water protects the front of the green with trees and marshy area to the left of the green.  2nd shot has to hit the green or miss just a little right.  Anything else and you are playing for bogie.

11.  Par 4 280 yards.  Nice hole with a birdie opportunity.  However, miss left and your next shot is your 3rd shot.  Straight off the tee looks good, but a miss to the right brings a tree and a couple of humps into play.

12.  Par 4 327 yards.  Trees down the right side of the fairway and way left brings you into trees and blocked shot into the green. I hit 3W from this tee to gibe me a better chance to stay in the fairway.  In fairway but to the right a bit puts a tree in between you and the green.  

13.  Par 4 406 yards.  Looks straight from the tee box, but there is water on the left near the green with a lot of cypress trees and pine trees if you go left off the tee.  Best to be slightly right, but to much right brings you into the trees.  The area to the front of the green seems to stay soft, so any 2nd shot that lands short is not going to make it to the green.

14.  Par 4 360 yards.  Trees to the left and trees and big ditch for lost ball on the right of the fairway.  Hit a long iron to the 150 marker then hit your second shot over a very deep ditch to the green.  Any shot to the right side of the fairway makes is difficult to get to the green in two.  Miss right and your ball is gone,  Miss left and your ball is gone.  

15.  Par 3 150 yards.  Not much here other than you really need to hit the green or be straight and short.  Anything else and you will not make par, unless you are lucky.

16.  Par 5 480 yards.  Nice straight hole with trees to the left.  Hit it way right and you are playing out of trees.  To me, it takes a good drive and a good second shot.  A missed shot at the green that goes left leaves you really short-sided and makes for a difficult 3rd shot.  Missing right slightly is tolerable, but a bigger miss to the right is gonna be OB.

17.  Par 3 135 yards.  Green is somewhat elevated.  You better hit it straight off the tee and not be to short.  Hitting it left brings some really tall trees into play and will leave you in trouble whether you clear the trees or not.  Missing right is probably worse because many times you will not find your ball or will find yourself with a very tough 2nd shot.

18.  Par 5 520 yards.  Big dogleg left.  You have to hit first shot off the tee over a big creek with trees on the left.  Miss right and guess what????  More trees.  To long and you are in trouble.  Second shot is going over the creek with oak trees to the left.  Just pick a flat area on the right and settle for getting to the green in 3 if lucky.  If your second shot goes to left of the landing area, you will be blocked by a very large oak tree.  Hit it a little further and you have a nice look at the green.  Pin placement here makes a big difference as to the difficulty of making your putt.

Hope this helps and give you a little idea where I play probably 70 of my golf.  It has a driving range, a putting green, a small club house with food and beverage.  Price is good and staff is extremely friendly.  Grounds crews really try hard and it is in better shape now than over the past few years.

I have played better and more expensive courses in the area but this course is more difficult because if you are not in the FW off the tee, you are going to have trouble.  There is not sand traps, but who needs them when you live in SE Louisiana where the ground is always wet and many times harder to hit out of than sand.  I looked back and my average score for the past 3 years on this course is +16.  I am 71 years old and am contemplating moving to the Gold tees as I have lost a bit of distance off the tee and with my irons...I love golf though....

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On 2/17/2020 at 3:22 PM, Osnola said:

Royal Golf Club in Slidell LA  From the White Tees is 6245 yards  70.10/155

----- tell me that slope rating is a typo....


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Goodness...I believe we have a thread that shows overhead  fly-by video of our home courses....just sayin’😃

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23 hours ago, Jrwatkins7 said:

Tell me that slope is a typo...

It is, and so is the rating. I get 68.9 116 when I look it up.


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