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    • Those who haven’t gotten a vaccine by now simply have a distorted, uninformed , and/or profoundly stubborn disregard for the greater good. It’s exhausting to hear the mindsets of them. You wouldn’t believe what I hear on a daily basis. Ignorance is a powerful cult.
    • Well, it's good to see the league in general absolutely lose its mind today.  I can't remember seeing a busier  day of free agency in all my decades watching the sport.
    • Day 27: Continued to practice pitching and chipping technique with COVID-19 drills. Then more work on downswing priority piece. 
    • I agree as well, unfortunately it pretty much says it all. I always felt that my freedoms end when they may harm another and vice-versa.  However it rarely seems to work that way.
    • More and more as time passes, and nearly no one is having adverse reaction to the first rounds of the vaccine just validates that statement.  Right now, the pro's list is about 10x longer than the cons list for the vaccine. Really, the cons list is only valid for those with certain medical conditions. For the vast majority of people, the pros list is infinitely larger than the cons list.  Yea, at this point I think people are just stuck in the mode of validating their initial choice. I partially blame them and I partially blame the people who are belligerent to them. Why would they ever want to validate those people by getting the vaccine. To me, this whole situation is just sad really.  
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