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    • How have you been? I was wondering what happened to you since I have not seen you around lately. Yes, my current club is only 5 mins away and Paako is exactly 30 mins door to door. It’s not too bad since the drive is easy. I was able to get the tee time I want all the way to July! No need to stress or scramble to get a time. It is alot more expensive to play there but they only have 50 members v. hundreds at other clubs. I am going to enjoy it as much as possible. I am still a member at my club for this month, so I will play there during the week and head over to Paako for the weekends. So far, we really like it there and I am eyeing a home in the community....we will see. I have only played 4 complete rounds since starting golf in May and I have been doing pretty well. I should be able to maintain my hcp eventhough Paako is alot tougher (72.9/141) v (69.5/129). I scored 78 twice already! Woohoo! I have not bought any new clubs since the m5 tour but am eyeing a SIM now. I cannot resist if it somehow gives me extra 10 yards!  I am sure you will reach your goals in no time once you golf more! I probably need to work on my putting too as I am giving strokes away too easily... Take care!
    • Hi Ace: I hope you are doing well. Sorry to hear you resigned from your current club.....I know it was so convenient for you as you could get there using your golf cart....I hope you didn't pay an initiation and losing the cost of that initiation. In my 52 years of playing golf....I've never heard of a course being run like a gong show...the GM and head pro seem so INCOMPETENT....and the culture doesn't seem great....a culture that doesn't seem friendly. Glad you joined Paako....the best course in NM...but the 1 hr return drive may eventually get to you....considering you like to play daily.....I assume this might be a short term fix until you and your husband decide what other/closer course you might want to join. It's shocking that metro Albuquerque with nearly 900,000 residents doesn't have more club choices to join. Take care. You still sporting your 5.5 cap?.....I assume you got back your 440 M3/M5?...you planning on buying any new clubs this year?....I don't have any plans for new equip...still deciding if a new/used Hungtintion Beach putter remains in the bag. My ball striking has improved in my last 4 rds...but still giving away 4-5 stupid strokes per rd...my cap is at 8.0....goal is to be around 6.8 - 7.5 by late July/Aug.
    • The lesson was bit "meh", could of been partly because I had really bad headache. It's been actually so bad that I've taken few days off course completely and had a visit to a doctor. Instructor basically told me three things: 1. My upper back and chest are extremely tight, have so called "facet lock" if that's the right term in English 2. I slide a lot towards target during my downswing, making it hard to hit driver 3. I should check the lie angles of my clubs, 1 degree or so upright could help. For number 2 he gave me a drill where you set yourself to impact position and start the backswing from there. I pointed out this could work as a trigger move for me, he agreed. Will work on this surely, but I feel now it's not the time. I asked him few times about my wrist condition at the top of backswing, but he didn't feel that's a problem which made be bit disappointed because I feel it clearly is after watching the day 4 drill. Taking the wrist action as my number one priority to fix, because I feel there's many things that arched position at the top is preventing me from doing. Been working on it bit inside and today got to hit some balls. In order to have a chance to get that cupped wrist position at the top, I felt like my backswing direction had to change, the plane looks completely different now. I checked the wrist position multiple times before swinging, but I couldn't hold it at the top. However now it's atleast flat instead of arched, but I guess this needs much more work: Imgur Post with 1 views. Left wrist looks better to my eye at impact, but could it be I'm rolling my wrists over more or something? Thanks in advance!
    • A senior player I know likes to buy clubs from Callaway Pre-Own. He said they offer great prices/condition, trade-in value and returns if you don’t like the clubs. He is constantly swapping club through the program.
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