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My Swing (Tepi90)

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I've been Playing Golf for: 6 years
My current handicap index or average score is: 5,4
My typical ball flight is: Straight fade
The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Fat/thin


Hey all, I'm from Finland and been playing ball golf as my secondary hobby in a couple year streaks a few times.

Finally managed to afford the payments to play again next summer after 4-5 year break.

Been hitting in a nearby golf hall few times now during winter and hopefully getting to hit outside on range in 1-2 months. Truth be told I don't know much at all about how to hit golf ball properly, been just hitting them without much thought to it. Recently been watching youtube videos and that feels like a place to get really confused.

Really hoping you guys could aid me in my journey to become a better ball striker and hopefully achieve less straining golf swing to keep playing this amazing sport later in my life.

There's one video of me hitting a 2 iron and realised the camera aligment wasn't really good after reading the instructions on how to film. Will try to get better aligment next time.

Thanks in advance!

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I went to golf tradeshow today where they had trackman in some spots. Got to try few diffrent brands 7 irons with diffrent shafts.

I didn't understand most of the numbers, but remember that 7i swing speed was 92 mph, spin 7200, dynamic loft 21 degrees and carry around 170 yards.

The guy in the station said my ball flight is way too high and will cause trouble in headwinds, which I remember being the case back when I played. I was hitting my normal swings tho and believe I can get them to fly lower by focusing on it, but this got me curious. What things affect the height on shots?

He got the trajectory in his words good by putting in dynamic gold x100 shaft, but I believe in my normal swing I'm flipping my wrists that cause this high ball flight. Don't remember the height I was hitting sadly.

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1 hour ago, iacas said:

Could you film from parallel to the target line along your toes?

Will do, hopefully get to hit some by the end of this week. 🤗

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Well this was unexpected. We had probably warmest day whole winter ~+8 degrees celsius and decided to escape from work out to range. Was really weird hitting outside after long while and I was pretty much all over the place at the beginning, had couple so bad duffs that I wonder how that matt survived them...

Things got bit better towards end and I worked on two things.

First being having a intermediate point like 20cm infront of my ball to line my shot. I have never used this and it feels really great although weird, but I recon most good players use it?

Second I focused on what this guy said on the video:



I tried to line up the phone parallel to my toe line, its maybe still bit too much forward? Also realised I had it set up way too close, my hands get cut out at the top. Hope to get it set up right next time. What comes to my swing, I have no idea what is the thing to focus on, all I know i don't hit very consistently. Thanks in advance!



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3 hours ago, Konsta said:

Planmeca areena 👍🇫🇮

Great place for wintertime practise 👌🇫🇮

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Haven't been able to hit the ball at all due to work, been trying to feel things and try to figure out the cause of flipping my wrists.

Went to practise hall yesterday and they had it reserved for private use. Luckily got chance to do short game practise (putting mostly) for 2-3 hours. Putting has always been the weakest part of my game. Out of nowhere I decided to use the line on my ball to line up the putts.

Results were shocking as I realised I've lined myself miles right of the hole. When I started to line with the ball it felt like I'm gonna miss left really badly. After I managed to trust the line, I actually started to expect making the putts, will stick to this.

I did some feel work of keeping the right foot pressure between the heel and toes all the way to dowswing to get that right foot eversion. Also tried to feel my upper body and lower connected, instead of firing the lower body and trying to catch with the upper half.

This really shortened my backswing and I don't know is the thought of sequence right, but it felt more connected. Thanks in advance!

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Was pretty much all over the place in todays session again, think I figured out that the way to achieve the key number 3 is not to push with the right arm. When you do the key number 3 drill, should it feel like the left arm is pulling?

The pace was probably only good thing today, took me little over 2 hours to hit 100 balls. Was little low on light so couldn't take slow motion video, only took couple in normal speed, one face on and one down the line. Failed the DTL one again tho, by having the camera way too forward this time...

The face on view really shows the flipping of wrists. Worked on drill that I once got from former PGA tour pro Bobby Mitchell (RIP) when I had opportunity to play 9 holes with him. Told me to do 2 "pumps" and then release.

These were pretty much full out 3 irons, have to work on slowing things down.


Post with 1 views.

Would you advice me to work on key number 3, or is there some other fundamental that is preventing me from getting hands forward? Thanks in advance!


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Had fun hitting the ball yesterday, just tried to feel my left side work more instead of hanging. Looks the same tho:

The move is probably too linear that I'm trying to do. This causes me to flip at the ball since left shoulder doesnt rotate out of the way. Instead it goes up and behind. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

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Had nice session, went back to drill footwork purely as this guy explains on the video:

Basically what Mike Maves tried to say, but in different manner. I let the left knee break freely as many teachers seem to advice, feels little weird at first but really makes the move feel more of a "swing":

There was crazy left to right/tail wind, which was kinda nice as it really showed the imbalances at times in manner of falling to right few times. Haven't figured out what causes me to retract from ball at impact or how to fix it, any ideas welcome!

Thanks in advance!


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Not excactly best weather for golf, but getting to hit some once a week is better than nothing:

To my untrained eye, rear hip seems to start moving off the wall too early in transition/downswing causing the early extension.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Corona has made practicing bit limited and been kinda lost with different swing thoughts. Mainly trying to dig the source of retracting from ball in the downswing without much light bulbs going on.

Course I will play on this summer opens in Wednesday by the looks of it and really excited to play again after so long break. Expect some really high scores at the start at least, since the touch for short game can't be there right away. Irons feel pretty playable at the moment, driver and 3 wood I expect to be really wild since haven't had time to hit many of those.

Found this awesome crass field at the nearby course that I recon is meant for practice, luckily not many seem to use it. I decided to see how my gaping with irons are at the moment so I would have idea what to hit on the course. After all having sense of distance you are hitting is such a big help even if balls end up left and right.

Hit 3 balls with each club (full swings) using ProV1's (the practice ones, I'm poor after all :D) and took average of those (9 iron below):

Results were:

52 degree wedge: 119m/130y
PW: 126m/138y
9 iron: 140m/153y
8 iron: 148m/162y
7 iron: 158m/173y
6 iron: 169m/185y

Couldn't hit anything longer since the field started to run out. Was kinda surprised with the results since those don't differ much from what I used to have with irons although I'm in far worse physical shape than I used to be. Plan on playing the clubs approx 5-10m shorter than those distances depending of case at least until I get rid of all this clothing...


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  • 4 weeks later...

Mostly just played rounds and trying to figure things out.

Having trouble with over the top swing. I think the work on right side loading has delayed the transition a bit and my upper body has started to fire sooner making the over the top move worse. 🤔

Intent to put more work into full swings once I get over this stomach flu... I did some exaggerated version of the famous step drill, the way I would hit bandy from lefty with skates on. Believe this could be good to work on towards standstill swing and finding some trigger move, absolutely hate the static feel I have when hitting.


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On 4/29/2020 at 7:31 PM, iacas said:

Tough to see an "over-the-top" move from just a FO camera.

Yea sadly didn't have any filmed and the worst were during round, could of been just feels.

Felt better today and sneaked out to do short field work session. Was in hurry to set up the DTL view as my phone was about to run out of battery (Cold seems to kill it pretty damn fast), it ended up little too forward.

Focused on feeling same kind of shift as in step drill and rotating throught to the target. Slowly getting bit shaft lean at impact I think.


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Played full 18 today, energy levels were quite low and I was dead tired after like 13 holes. Playing with a carry bag seems to consume quite a lot of more energy than push cart on these hilly courses.

Front nine was decent apart from putting and wedges. Played the first 9 holes with a family of 3 and the pace was nice now that the club has started 4 person groups. Before it was only 2 per group and everyone was basically running, I don't like to run a marathon when playing golf...

Back nine I played alone which I don't really like since the focus just isn't the same for some reason. Can focus on training alone but not playing. Decided to film one par 5 in hopes to focus more on what I'm doing and play better. This could be good way to break down these new courses hole by hole for me aswell whenever it's possible to film, since I can analyze it better afterwards.

Shot #1:

Got a mizuno MP-H4 2 "iron" in my bag, which is really my go to club off the tee, since driver is way too wild with my current swing. For this hole I get it with a good strike to pretty much optimal spot. If I happen to pull it, it should still carry the bunker with solid strike, for some reason I rarely slice it too bad. With great drive I believe this hole could be reached in 2 quite easily, but I feel the risk is just way too high unless you can carry it like 270m/295y accurately in order to take those trees out of the play.

I could maybe open this hole more carefully with something like 5 iron. That would basically take the left bunker out of the play but it leaves a bit longer 2nd shot. However that would leave it longer from those two tall pine trees and I could probably play over them with 7 or even 6 iron. I feel the 2 iron is the play here.

Shot #2:

I measured that from this spot I can hit it approx 170-180m when going between those two tall pine trees without fear of going long of fairway. Decided to go with 7 iron, since my plan was to hit it between, not over. The strike was little thin and I was lined too much right/it leaked there. Got lucky and it missed the right tree barely.

Looking at it now, I should hit 8 or 9 iron from that spot. It gets me over those trees and leaves me still in prime position for birdie chanse/quite easy par. Now I ended up with 88m to back pin which is a distance I don't feel too good about.

Shot #3

I used to have a clock system for my irons that I had somewhat dialed in when it wasn't windy. 12 o'clock full swing, 11 o'clock 10 meters off and so on what I used to feel. After reading the thread about flighting your wedges I have put some work into it up to 60 meters. The results have been amazing, I can get my 60 degree and 56 degree to fly really low to not let wind affect them and still have spin on them. I have used the same clock system for that, but the move is little different.

This shot was 88m and I haven't trained the flighted version with my 52 degree/PW yet so I went with the normal swing. Full 52 degree flies bit under 120m in calm conditions and only explanation I have for this particular miss is that I thought "10 o'clock" instead of "9 o'clock". It ended up being 10m too long as it should.

Have to put in the work to start hitting these approach shots "flighted", I feel it makes them so much more consistent.

Shot #4

Was left with quite tricky side slope chip. Went with low PW which was bit too juiced and low sided, felt I didn't focus enough on landing spot. Was left with 1,5-2m putt and ended up 2 putting for bogey, at least not 3 putts that haven't been too uncommon for me so far...


- 1st shot was good choice and execution, keep doing this. Leave the idea of 5 iron in there if 2 iron starts leaking.
- 2nd shot could have been played to better yardage for me and more safely over trees
- 3rd shot, practise flighted wedges
- 4th shot, keep working on short game, focus on target better

Feel free to comment if I should play/think it some other way and what would be your plan on this. Would these be welcome in the future aswell?

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    • I will be relieved to finally have our tee times today.  We will see what they will have available but per the last post from @iacas, we spoke a bit yesterday on what we would ideally like the three days to look like.  We are finally getting some rain the past couple days, so hopefully that will help things here a bit.  I have to make the tee times this morning and run to an event, but I will update you all as soon as I can.
    • Okay, I got in 9 holes yesterday, and the GGPro worked pretty well.  I purposely left my phone in my golf bag most of the time, once I determined that everything was connected and data was being collected.  I did need to edit the round this morning.  One full-swing shot was missed, a wedge on #9, and maybe 3 short putts were omitted.  I also had to edit the hole location on most of the holes, which I think is to be expected.  Today I'll be playing an interclub match, so I'll do the same as yesterday, turn it on and ignore it until I get home.
    • Yesterday I got one of the tough ones, Hole 4 at Stoneleigh.  Uphill par-3 playing about 180, real good 5-iron that ended up maybe 4 feet away.  Still 6 more to get.
    • My wife told me to grow the f*** up. Lol. I think a $5 per person net skins pot always a great idea. Just right IMO. Two- man blind draw, Foursome high-low.. all net.
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