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    • Has anyone noticed that this hole is almost a mirror image of no. 5 at Whispering Woods?  I would play up the right half of the fairway with a slight fade and hope to roll up near the front edge of the green. It is 250 yards to carry the trap from the black tee, which is my absolute best drive, so I would not aim over the trap unless there was a big tailwind.
    • It’s funny that five out of the last seven posts on this thread (including this one) have been mine. Oh well... I had another kind of embarrassing moment today. It wasn’t as embarrassing as my others, more awkward than anything. On the par-3 12th today, I was stuck behind a couple, and they asked me to wave through. Always nerve-wrecking. I hit a 7I to about 12ft. Then I went up and drilled the putt for a birdie two (wait for it), and the guy asked me point-blank, “What’s your handicap?” After a few moments of awkward silence, I told him I was a bogey golfer that was just having a great day, which, if you’ve been following my posts, you know the first part is the truth. But then I went and parred the 13th, which is ranked the toughest hole on the course. That was the embarrassing part. The reason why is because I told him I was a bogey golfer (which is the truth), while playing two of the most difficult holes on the course at -1.
    • I think that's sound advice. No sense jumping in with 2 feet and spending a ton of money. I don't know anything about Slotline. Just looked at them on Ebay, and you can get complete sets of irons for about 80 bucks, with shipping included! Might not be a bad way to start.  But, Callaway is a well established company with a solid reputation. I just bought an Epic Flash Driver off the "pre-owned" site and love it! Their stuff is first quality.  However, if you're asking which will work better for you, we have no way of knowing. In many cases, you buy a set of clubs, and "learn" how to hit them! I had the same experience with my new Driver.
    • I played well today, and tied my second-best score with a 90. But here’s the kicker: I was +6 thru 13. Yep. I shot 42 on the front nine, then started the back nine 5-5-2-4 (par-bogey-birdie-par). I then made four sixes in a row, +7 on those holes, meaning I still could make a seven on the par-3 eighteenth and shoot 89. But I hit my first shot into the lake, and I went to the red tees (no designated drop zone), and hit my third shot onto the front of the green, but it spun back off the front and rolled down into the water. Then I hit my fifth shot to the fringe and three-putted. A real choke job on the last five holes. I could’ve easily shot 85 or even better today. But on the bright side, I had two birdies, both on par-3s.
    • Yep! This sounds like a PGA Tour player problem! 
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