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    • Anyone else see this? Anyone tried one? If so, thoughts? Greenwood Putter Review - Plugged In Golf Want to get really old school on the greens? Check out the Greenwood Putter. Greenwood Golf Putters The Greenwood wood heads putters are hand-crafted with balanced weight and zero loft to... Intuitively, I feel like the face would wear and become roughened up over time. Regardless, I thought it looked cool
    • Are you kidding me? I’m in first place and did not get my alert this week.  Another season torched  because of failed reminders (I know it’s ultimately my fault but I’m pissed regardless)
    • Seems like he has a good support group and yeah, opening up must be cathartic.  Good on him for addressing it, young kids and all.
    • Good for Bubba to speak out about his problems, and it's even better that he's found his own way of dealing with his anxiety.  What struck me as somewhat odd is that there's not much mention of any sort of professional therapy.  From my own experience, I've found it quite helpful, though damn expensive.
    • You never know about other people and their issues until you step into their shoes.     It was very brave of him to share this.   This will help others that may be suffering from the same or similar issue.
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