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New Hybrids or wait?

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Hi, currently play 11yo Cobra Baffler Rail hybrids. Want to upgrade. Also play my 10yo Mizzy MX200 irons. Financially, would only want to upgrade my woods first, especially since I love the feel of my irons. My question, obviously I would be fit to replace the 3 and 4 hybrids for my iron set. But in a year or too, if I were to afford new irons, would I have to get the same specs as my current irons, or new hybrids again?  Should I wait to replace my hybrids when I replace my irons? OR can I get hybrids fit generalized(lofts, etc) to be used with any new irons.?

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I think I understand what you are asking.  If you replace your hybrids and then, a year down the road, get a newer, stronger, set of irons...would the longest iron and shortest hybrid have enough separation to warrant carrying them both?  It's possible but the simplest solution would be to not worry about it and use whichever club the situation merited.  It isn't always the case that distance, alone, is the determining factor when choosing a club.  

Anyway...good luck with whatever you decide to do.  I don't think you can go "wrong" either way.

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A few manufacturers make complete sets of irons with hybrids included, e.g., Cobra. Don't know if you're ready to spend the cash or what you are looking for in irons, or what you HC is, but you may want to take a look at them. I have a pretty high HC, usually shoot in the mid to low 90s, sometimes higher, (but then again I'm 68 and have had three back surgeries, so...). 

I like hybrids so I purchased a set of Cleveland HB Launchers, 4 through GW. They are all based on a hybrid design, really like them but they are not for everyone that's for sure.

Have fun with your search and I would recommend you not rush into anything.

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