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My Swing (Downbylaw11)

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I've been Playing Golf for: 22 years
My current handicap index or average score is: 9
My typical ball flight is: straight
The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: inconsistent strike quality with driver

Since myself and many others are gonna be stuck inside for quite a while, I figured I'd post a self isolation swing.  apologize for parts of the club head being cut off. 

My backswing tends to get very loose at times, but when I feel it's connected and without many moving parts I strike the ball pretty well.  Still working out the kinks with my driver, but most of that is related to the loose backswing tendency. 

I'm a follower of George Gankas's teachings




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You're "off plane" from the start. The hands go out, and then everything has to get sucked back in, so you're laid off at the top.

The backswing should generally start with the torso moving the hands back, up, and in… with the shaft being more vertical than it is in your swing.

Also, a face-on swing would be helpful.

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certainly can't argue with your assessment of my backswing. I've always been relatively flat and had a hard time understanding how to blend in the wrist hinge.  Since I don't believe it caused me to add any compensations on the downswing, and was I was able to shallow it out pretty good, I ended up focusing on some other things through impact.  But maybe since we're all stuck inside, it might be the right time to try to change it.  Is something like this more along the lines of what you'd like to see? shaft pointing inside ball line


Sorry about no face on, I don't have the space really to set that up.  



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Pretty good action. Backswing could improve. How your club travels on the backswing is determined by how your shoulders work and turn. You can fake a good backswing by consciously forcing your arms / club on a proper plane but it won’t improve your ball striking. 
Go to the mirror and try feeling like your shoulders are turning much steeper on the backswing and notice how that naturally changes your hand path. Best way to feel it in my experience is to feel like right from the start of the swing the lead shoulder stays really low throughout so that it is low enough to not even touch your chin at the top of the swing. 

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with all the golf courses that have remained open booked weeks in advance, i've had lots of time to sit around and really truly, try to work on some things without thinking about my next round.  the backswing is more where i'd like it to be, after a few days breaking it down into 4 parts, i've started blending it into one motion at 50% speed, which is incredibly hard for me as I've always had a difficult time swinging anything less than 90%.  but I think it's going well.  going at it at 50% definitely makes me feel more in sync on the downswing allowing me to rotate through to my finish.



heres a face on.  I hate my leg work, but one issue at a time lol

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