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Share Something Positive From This COVID-19 Mess

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3 minutes ago, Double Mocha Man said:

And that same girl rides with you???  😉

Only in my dreams... 😀

I hear she is with Machine Gun Kelly.  I should've been a rock star.  They seem to get all the good looking girls no matter what they themselves look like.

Note to self: next life come back as a rock start.  🎸

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I thought of something positive. At least people have stopped arguing if it's better to keep the flag in or pull the flag out. That was still a hotly contested debate right up until the COVID thing left the flag "untouchable". 

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Lots of negatives that are surfacing and the positive will probably wouldn't show until in the event of a more serious issue in the future.

Hopefully we'll learn something from this exercise.  It really exposed the weakness of our infrastructure which was already stretched to the limit of it's design before the Pandemic.  This event was like the last straw that broke the camel's back.

Modern management style is to maximize leverage and minimize the cost of overhead.  It works well on paper or spreadsheet , in reality the practice of walking on thin ice wouldn't stand the test of time.  Most the guys and gals running the world were educated from the Western pipeline, they all think alike and unfortunately all practice the same management style ( this including the second largest economic body in the world and most of the third world ).  

We had not been through any real crisis for many decades now, a little shack up might be good to wake us up to prepare for the raining days.  

How much we learned and will remembered is yet to be seen.   This would be the most important positive which might come out of this mess. 

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I was able to get out on the course much more this year with my son. Since the last half of school was done at home and no camps open we got out on the course at least once a week. I also was able to get him to a lesson each week. 

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The Acushnet Company in New Bedford MA is hiring 200 people to meet increased demand for golf products. They have Foot Joy, Titleist and several other brands under their umbrella.

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    • Good and sad tales, kind of understand that. So I left Oahu that had high concerns of controlling it to an Island that had yet to get 1 case.  All was well until Wednesday 4 popped positive, Thursday 38 and today Friday 60 something. I was tested and none in my circle including an 85 year old woman has had any issues.  So the governor/mayor answer is a lockdown. How do you lockdown an island where the population is but a postage stamp on the entire island? No worries, I plan on golfing next week. I got to log a few more birdies on the 2020 birdie challenge. Aloha, iSank
    • What's the minimum camera quality will you guys consider watching? The rear camera for my phone is 2MP and the front camera is 0.3 MP. I only have one camera and a tripod, so I can't record the side and behind at the same time. Is that OK?
    • Day 50 - Hitting more balls indoors, just trying to get used to swinging indoors. 
    • We used lugloc and used it Hawaii to Scotland, Hawaii to Sydney, to Auckland and Hawaii to Pinehurst to Alabama to Hawaii, and a few west coast trips. I think when we landed in Edinburgh it took a 1/2 hr to confirm but was able to confirm at JFK, and heathrow. I have lost clubs before on a mainland trip and love seeing that the clubs and luggage are with me.    Aloha, iSank
    • Day 124.   I spent ten minutes after work hitting 7-iron shots, off a mat, into a net, real balls, indoors.  
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