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    • Welcome back. I'll start with some easy ones here. 1) Get better camera angles. Having it slightly off makes it harder for everyone to see everything. https://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing This article is dated now, but just read the section about setting up the camera's position. Makes it way easier for the instructor to see what's going on. This will be key of course if/when you return to evolvr. Your instructor will thank me for bringing this up so he won't have to 🙂 2) Again, this is tough to be sure on because of the camera angles, but it seems like you have some freebee setup changes you can make here by moving the ball more forward in your stance and leveling out your weight at address. Your setup seems far too "stack and tilty" here. Try to be more 50-50. Using a mirror is the cheapest and simplest way to see this. It'll probably feel like you have too much weight on your back foot if you're doing it right, i dunno. No idea how this'll feel to you. Again though, the camera angle could be throwing me off on this. I'm not sure.   As for the swing itself, I assume your priority piece has to do with properly implementing more hip slide on the downswing and less excessive squatting. I don't want to get too wordy with this though, nor am I an instructor, so I'll just leave it at that for now 😄
    • Check out Laird’s third shot on 18. Quite impressive.
    • I know my left arm bends at impact, but I’ve asked and my instructor said not to worry about it.
    • You make it sound like 15 minutes and 25 tries is a lot. Lots of people spend hours on some bosses, myself included.
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