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Pinehurst Employee Auction

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Well it’s not a planned trip but a few people will have a pretty cool golf travel experience. Did not see this anywhere else if it’s a repeat, I’ll delete if possible.


Not even the Cradle of American Golf is immune to the coronavirus. Pinehurst Resort and Country Club was forced to close its hotels and restaurants due to the pandemic, negatively...

Anyone wanna go in for a good party?



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I totally would have bid on the 10 round trip had i known it was going on. There's always next pandemic I guess🤔.

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Pinehurst is one of the coolest places I've ever gone on a golf vacation. We stayed at the Holly inn for 3 nights and played no 2 and No 8. The staff there makes you feel like you're at home, super friendly and accommodating. Glad they are doing something for them.

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    • Everybody claims to hate slow play, so why is it I am always stuck behind people who think they are pros. It's quite well known that old people are slow players, but they are slow drivers, so why would anything be any different. I can understand new players being slow, because they have to hit the ball many times to get to the green. For me the worst are women. It's hilarious, just watch what they do. Men will take their shots and walk to their own ball, but women can't do that. They all walk around the course shoulder to shoulder and attend every shot. This means a four ball women's outing takes three times longer than a men's. After all, if they aren't together they have to stop talking, and that won't do. Don't believe me, just watch them ! 
    • Fitting is a good thing for sure. A bit overrated overall though. But for you specifically I think your time and money would be better spent with instruction. With a 30+ hcp you’ll get a pretty rapid improvement at first. You’ll probably make some significant changes to your current swing but nothing at this point that would be significantly affected by tweaking a standard set of steel, stiff shafts.
    • Day 92: Went to the driving range for a pretty bleh session. Really need to focus better next time.
    • Day 149 - May 26, 2020 Full swing work again. This is going to be almost everything that I do. Another interesting day. Went to the range at about 6:30. Fortunately the back end is in the shade. Started off hitting some half swing 7I. Did not go well. Had no feel for the swing, began searching. Hit some 8I. Chipped some drivers. Hit some wedges. More 7I. Almost none good. Some fine, but I knew they were not done "properly." Toward the end, found a feeling when I decided to hit some 5I. Not sure why… but I had the feeling and striped a bunch of 5I in a row. Left on a high note. But not before hitting a bunch of pitches and chips. Longer ones, 30-40 yards.
    • Is anyone experiencing any problems getting tee times at your club? My home club is doing 15-min intervals (used to be 7-mins) so the availability has been cut in half. Since reopening at the beginning of May, I have been having difficulties securing a tee time, both during the week and on the weekends. Weekends are especially bad when we get 90+ tee requests but the club only has 50 available.   It is very frustrating to have to stalk the tee sheet for cancellations...but lots of members just don’t show up or they block their slot to play as single/doubles, and my club is doing nothing about it...  
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