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    • On what? Even a 6I is generally around low 60°s. Titleist 620 MB Irons | Muscle Back Irons | Titleist New 620 MB irons from Titleist. The dependability golfers desire with progressive enhancements to ensure you're carrying the best iron on the links. 63.5° there.   P.S. @KevinBlake: https://thesandtrap.com/how-to/add-an-avatar/
    • Naga-Waukee War Memorial 6.0 The course if just a great local favorite county course. It is a great old design which has views of Pewaukee Lake in multiple spots. It has one goofy par 5(#11) where you tee off straight up hill and then it drops off down and to the right after about 240 yards or so. Other than that, I like every hole on this course.  I wish they would put some good sand in the bunkers and maybe modernize those a bit. Greens roll a bit slow compared to the other courses we played, but for the amount of heavy play it gets they stay in decent shape year after year. The Club Lac La Belle – 6.5 I played this a few times now since it re-opened last year. My main issue with it is that they put so much money into the course it seems like they have to overcharge for it. It is a nice re-design though and they did a great job fixing the water drainage issues on the course. They also addressed how tight and short many of the holes were. Having been founded in 1896 it was due for some updates. I do enjoy the course, but it feels target oriented to me on a number of the holes. You can play hyper aggressive and take a lot of drivers but often from what I have witnessed and experienced, that leads to a lot of penalty stokes taken. I hit a lot of irons and hybrids off the tee to certain spots on the fairway and had one of my better rounds of the week.    Lawsonia Links – 7.5 It isn’t really like anything I have played or experienced. It is just such a neat property overall.  I am not really a student of golf architecture at all but it seems like some of the design brilliance is in the subtle things and ways that they moved earth to visually change looks. Big reveals and raised greens are all over the course. I was not a big fan of the blind shots early on in the round. I just have never been a big fan of teeing off over a hill covered in rough. I think it is a must play if you come to sand valley. It gives you something different to see and the price to play it is a great value. Mammoth Dunes – 8.0 This was the first time out on Mammoth for me. Visually, it is very cool. I love that this course is a journey. You don’t return to the clubhouse until 18 so after your first tee shot, you have committed to that end. It is a fantastic portion of the property and I love the layout. In some ways it is visually more appealing than Sand Valley. It was my best round of the week and I feel that this is nice course for a struggling golfer like myself to have a bit of a easy day and put up a decent score. The absence of much overall difficulty is also what keeps the course from being a top tier course for me. Sand Valley – 9.0 I’ve now played it 3 times. I have not played many top tier courses, so this is probably in my top two courses, the other being Whistling Straits. I need to get out more for sure. SV is just a challenge, and a very fun one at that. You pretty much have to focus the entire way through the course. Number one is short and seems pretty easy, but leave yourself a partial wedge and I hope you are practiced up on those. The green has a false front as well. Holes 2 – 7 are the welcome to Sand Valley slap in the face. You get a bit of a break at 8 in my opinion which is a short uphill par 3 but you still have to hit a fairly tight landing area. Number 9 is drivable but it is almost the worst decision you can take for most of us the bunkers around the green are horrifying and the only water on the course is in play to the right. The first two par 5s on the back(10 and 12) are tons of fun, they are not overly long or at least they don’t play as long, and are very getable in 2. Number 13 is fairly forgettable as a hole but that second shot seems to be a tough one even though the hole seems fairly simple and is easy to lose focus on. It plays longer than it looks and is uphill to another difficult green. 17 and 18 are the ultimate test of exhaustion and your state of mind to this point in the round. A good player just needs to hit the proper side of the bowl for the pin position and will end up with a birdie putt(or in Erik’s case a 4” tap in). For a lesser player this hole can be a real challenge, at 210-235 uphill, depending on your tees. 18 is the final test, you are exhausted by this time, and you are asked to play a 3 shot hole in which you are walking up a fairly aggressive slope the entire way. It is maybe the best finishing hole I have played. Depending on the pin position you can bank your third shot off a slope for a run at the hole as well. I will probably find time to play this course every year that I possibly can, since I live so close.  What a week this was!  
    • This thread covered set up posture. Set up can help other issues as well like early extension.  
    • Hi all, I've attempted to see if this was already covered... I am pretty new to golf having spent the last couple of years going to the driving range casually and have taken to the course circa 10 times. I would like to take some advice on which clubs i should be holding in my bag. My current set up in as follows Ping G30 (white dot which are 1.5 inch longer) 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, SW Ping G30 Hybrid (4) 22 degree Ping G30 Driver (1) 10.5 degree Spider Putter Couple of things which i am thinking about. Secure a LW (58deg) as the most aggressive wedge i have at present is the SW (54 deg) The Hybrid i have feels like it could be useful but feels short, i.e. i have white dot irons but this is standard length, would you recommend getting this extended? Is there any other clubs which you feel could be useful to me? Thanks in advance, Alex    
    • Things that make you go, "Hmmmm...". Large study finds COVID-19 is linked to a substantial drop in intelligence  
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