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Will golf clubs crash in price as outlets clear stock?

After all this C19 is done. OEMs and outlets will have a pile of this year's models that they will need to shift. Could there be some bargains to be had?

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    • Probably 99% not. But since I haven't established my shot zones yet, I have been taking some, I guess, liberties with this. I think my rationale is good, but it's not really supported with any data. I had 2 hours booked on a launch monitor to get my shot zones and partial wedge distances for early March, but Covid-19 kind of ruined that. Now that California is slowly opening back up, I'll be able to rebook, and then determine how dumb I've been on this hole lately.
    • Viral load is extremely important and is a factor for why people get a little sick or very sick. a good article on some basics The Risks - Know Them - Avoid Them Please read this link to learn about the author and background to these posts. It seems many people are breathing some relief, and I’m not sure why. An epidemic curve has a relatively predictable upslope and once the...  
    • I'm going to be perfectly honest with you here, I don't believe your decision to driver on this hole follows The Rule.
    • This is one of mine from a pre-shelter in place round, #9 at my home course,320 yard, dogleg left par-4, maybe 60-80 feet uphill. Most people hit a mid/long iron to lay up in the wide part of the fairway, which leaves around 120-140 yard uphill shot, with basically a flat lie. The further left you land in the fairway, the shorter the second shot. From any position in the wide section of the fairway, you can't see the green at all, and you're lucky to see the tip of the flag if it is in a front position. I used to play this hole conservatively, and hit 5/6/7-iron to the wide fairway, and then PW/9/8-iron up the hill to the green. Recently I started hitting driver because a well struck drive for me will leave about 30 yards from light rough, usually in a spot where you can at least see where the flag is. I align toward at the green "X" (fork in the cart path), playing my typical draw. If it doesn't draw, the ball will still land on an upslope and might not roll into the rough/trees. If it draws, it will carry the cart path and get a bit of roll up the hill. If it hooks, it might still be okay as long as it doesn't hook too much. The photo below shows how I intend to play the hole. The round in question, I pulled my drive badly into the trees to the left of the tee box, and after pinballing aroudn in the trees, I had this lie. The shot needed here was a punch out between the two redwood trees on the right. I suck at these shots, and anytime I'm in the redwood areas, I'm extra anxious due to the shallow roots, so I think that I unconsciously stand up out of my swing and top the ball in these areas. A topped shot from this spot sends the ball into a muddy, thick rough area, with no chance at all of reaching the green. I managed to pull off a great punch out, and made it on the green with my third leaving a 14-foot putt for par (didn't make par).
    • Just to play devil's advocate, Orr played in a lower scoring era than Gretzky and Lemieux. In the C&B article I linked before, Orr's adjusted PPG is 1.33 which is only a slight drop to his actual number, but Lemieux (1.66) and Gretzky (1.61) both lose more. Orr isn't really in this discussion, though. It's true that he changed the position as people saw it, but I don't believe "most influential" is a factor in being GOAT or we'd be talking about Patrick Roy. Or Jacques Plante. Or Stan Mikita. Gretzky was on the TV broadcast when the Oilers were playing the Devils earlier in the season and said pretty much this. When comparing the game today to when he (and Ken Daneko) were playing, he said, "It's a little different in the sense that the players are bigger, they're faster, the equipment is better... I think all in all, the players of today's age, the skill level's just at a different level."
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