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Blades vs. Cavity Backs - with Data/Video

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2 hours ago, colin007 said:

That's a bit of a blanket statement tho, innit?

Yup. Jason Kokrak, who won this weekend plays PXG 0311T Gen 4, which are sort of blades. Spieth plays AP2, which are not blades. These guys were 1 and 2 this weekend.

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6 hours ago, BHI 99 said:

There’s a reason tour pros play blades a reason 25HC’s don’t. 

That is pretty blanket for “today’s environment”, but for my father-in-law in the 60’s-early 70’s, that was not the case. Cavity backs were not an option as all who played from 30HC thru the pro’s played blades of one iteration or another.  I like bringing the blades my father-in-law used out from time to time as they are fun to hit and are the clubs I remember taking my first real swings on the course with.  The revival of this thread has me looking new grips for the blades and taking them to the course for some fun.  

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  • 1 month later...

How does a player know when they should move up to blades?

I ask because my son (18 years old, 3 years experience, 5-6 hdcp) seems to think he should consider it.  He was fitted for Wilson C300s 3 years ago. He hits them well. I could be wrong, but I think his 6 iron is his 200+ yard club and that 7 iron is in the 190s.  He practices with a Mevo into a net a lot and should know his distances well because of that (assuming Mevo is accurate). But sometimes on the course even sometimes with the Mevo into the net he gets what he considers a flyer from a fairway lie that goes 10-15 yards farther than expected and ends up causing him to scramble to save par. In a recent round he had about 145 on a par 3 and chose gap wedge over wedge because a short miss is safer than a long miss and still air mailed the green and ended with bogey.

I tend to think the inconsistency is just due to inexperience and actual changes in his stroke from swing to swing. He thinks it might be due to the clubs. When should he consider getting fitted again vs just learning to swing more consistently?



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  • 3 weeks later...

I always thought there was something going on with the whole "forgiveness" scam...

Ive hit clubs at multiple demos and always asked the rep to give me the tiniest blade and the biggest shovel they had. Mishitting with a tiny blade always felt like I barely hit the face but looking at the performance it really wasnt doing that bad. Mishits with the more "forgiving" clubs had a much duller feel and the results were often unpredictable. For me seeing this data pretty much confirms what I was feeling and seeing wasnt my mind playing tricks on me.

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