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    • Welcome to TST, I've had similar issues but only with Driver versus FW Woods. IMO, it might be due to weighting differences of the clubs or shaft flex. Also, I sometimes make a poor swing on irons which may stem from transitions between long and short length clubs mostly with unusual lie or stance. Maybe a change in pre-shot routine of the irons would be beneficial. For longer clubs, I will make a sweeping practice swing. For mid to short irons I try to feel the club bounce and interact with the turf. I also try to concentrate on the swing path, making sure I finish high and at my target  with all clubs.
    • Looking more and more like it'll be early to mid-September according to the New York Times article. F.D.A. Aims to Give Final Approval to Pfizer Vaccine by Early Next Month - The New York Times The Food...  
    • I am having problems transitioning between hitting my Driver and Irons.  When I hit my driver (on the screws) I tend to top  or blade my irons.  When I hit my irons flush, I tend to have issues finding the tee ball with my driver.  Any ideas?
    • The FO video helps. If I were you, I would: Do a lot days 1-5 from https://golfevolution.com/30-day-plan/. Add an avatar. Post in some other topics and get to know some of the people here. Post regularly here showing yourself doing the drills in a few minutes a day at home.
    • Looks better, but think about more weight shift forward on the downswing from the top to about A6. In your chip/punch drills, your weight is shifting forward. Try to get that same feel from A4 to A6. I’ve been doing this drill below since I went to Erie. Take it to the top, stop, shift weight forward so the left hip is over the ankle and let arms fall to A6. Then relax a bit (relaxed muscles are fast muscles) and draw back. Punch forward and stop at A9. For me the focus is getting the left hip to snap back faster. For you, it would be first to get the weight forward feel going.  
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