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Beermati, a second vote for  Callaway preowned site. I've purchased 4 clubs (driver, hybrid, LW & putter) from them now and have been very pleased. I have chosen "like new or very good quality" on each club and cannot tell a difference between the two. They all have looked brand new when I get them. They are also meticulously packaged and driver, hybrid and putter all came with head covers.

Lastly, make sure you look at the lie and loft of the club as it is listed on the site so you do not inadvertently buy one that is not standard lie and loft. 

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I’ve been playing golf for six decades off and on. During that time my handicap has bounced around from a high of around 25 to a low of plus one, depending upon my stage of life.  Anyways, I have not found that clubs or club fitting made a difference in my scoring. The times of playing good golf, for me, have been the result of weekly lessons combined with daily practice.  Just like learning the guitar, you have to put in the time practicing the right things.  A new Taylor guitar is pleasant to the eye and has a great sound, but it doesn’t play itself.

Still, new clubs are a delight and definitely helpful for motivation. Nothing like a new set of irons to get you out on the range and the course.  My driver developed a rattle a couple of months ago, so I went through the fitting process at Golftec and ended up with the Callaway Epic Flash.  It’s a gorgeous club and I enjoy the feel and sound of the ball coming off the face.  

New clubs are a good thing; fitting probably won’t hurt your game and may even help it. If you have the spare cash, go for it. If you are frugal, I also upvote the Callaway PreOwned website. The clubs they send out are like new. But myexperience says don’t skip the lessons, time on the range and short game area, as well as playing practice rounds by yourself.  

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