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Difference in wedge spin is significant between premium and non premium golf balls. Spin off the driver isn't that big of a difference (300-500 rpm). I doubt a more premium golf ball would cause you to slice way more than a non-premium golf ball. 

I would look for a 3-piece urethane cover golf ball if you want something with more spin around the green. 

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11 hours ago, Groundhog34 said:

This is the answer I did not understand:

Then you should look at your technique not your clubs. Or both.

the "or both" part 

I'm saying look at your technique, but your clubs might eke out another degree or two of launch angle. They might contribute, but I think they're the minority contribution.

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I agree it is my technique but as my unnamed sport announcer friend says: You play better than 97% of 65+ year old so quit complaining.

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On 6/14/2020 at 2:23 PM, Groundhog34 said:

Irons cobra F9 1 length regular flex graphite

Driver Ping G410 sft with speeder 365 reg flex shaft typical drive is 225 with slight fade I am left handed

I try to control my driver swing so as to hit the ball straight 

I am a pretty good chipping and pitching 

Can i mention we have practically identical sets except I have a Callaway Mavrik Max. I'm 5'11, and I have the Atmos +1" length R. I have a 82 mph with the 7 iron (and with my 6i - PW) since they're the same length) according to my Garmin G80 Approach launch monitor. I play the ball dead center. I can hit a high fade with these clubs. I also can hit a hard straight punchy shot with a lot of spin that will stop on a green if I want. Depends upon what I want to hit. 

It's not a shaft issue. It's your technique. Before you dump a grand into new clubs you might want to take a lesson. OR make a video of your swing and put it up into the My Swing section of the forum and let @iacas take a look at it. We all get into bad habits at times. God knows I do. 

And since we got into golf balls too,... I play the Srixon Z-Star. If you like Bridgestone, look at the Bridgestone Tour B RXS (White & Green Box).


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There was a Callaway demo day at the club today. I hit a few shots with trackman with both my 7 and the Mavrek 7. Results were similar considering the Callaway's are 3 degrees stronger. The Callaway guy said I do not hit the ball high because of my swing. He asked what I shot today, 74. He asked why do I want to change. I have come to the conclusion that I deloft the clubs at impact giving me extra distance and lower ball flight. In other words my 7 acts like a 6. As far as lessons at my advanced age I want to avoid them I am happy shooting 75 to 80 with an occasional "my age"

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    • PGA2K21 is good. I play it on the PS4. 
    • Day 83 - Spent more time filming swings. It seems I’m correct at A2 or A3, getting both to be what I’m looking for isn’t working. Have more work to do before sending in more swings. 
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    • Last lesson of the year today 12/2: Full swing stuff - backswing and tempo were much improved which is what I’ve been working on so happy with that. We discussed the block fade miss caused by open club face. My transition is aggressive which pulls the club face open when the handle of the club starts moving too quickly (or something like that). Quick fix was to have a feel for the club head moving and widening the arc before the handle starts going. Did some work on this at about 75% full speed and then added speed back as I got the hang of it. Putting work - did a putter fitting and when selecting the alignment aid design, I learned that they don’t matter at all for how I aim. Apparently no matter where the target was, I tended to line my aim up around the spatial configuration of the putting area (e.g., aiming parallel to the edge of the putting surface, or a nearby wall). Once I was aware of this behavior and able to consciously overcome it, my initial aim was really good. When I scheduled the fitting with my teacher I had my mind made up on something from the Edel product line, but I tried one of those ridiculous looking LAB putters and it was undeniably good for me, so that’s what I ended up going with.
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