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KBS Black Nickel Shaft Prep

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Hello, got a set of the old black nickel finish shafts.  Started sanding the tips to expoxy and on the 5iron  the ‘finish’ started to peel.  I’ve heard that’s an issue (after already purchasing).  My question is when I’m prepping these to epoxy do I need to sand em down to take that finish off or just rough them up enough for the epoxy to grab?


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This is funny b/c I just reshafted my Mizuno with a set of KBS Tours in that same finish since I was bored and wanted to try something different. I used my belt sander on all the shafts  and had the finish peel on one of the wedges. Only the one out of 8 I did had that issue. Also recently did a set of TMs with KBS $ tapers with a black finish but didn't have any peeling with those. I really just sand down to where I don't see any more black color and the tip looks almost copper-ish in color. I assembled them and have played a couple times with no issue with the peel since its locked into the hosel and ferrule at this point.

My advise is just don't over sand them, and you should be good.

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Hahhaha. That is funny.  Yeah I only had the 5 peel and it’ll also be hidden by the ferrule.  That’s about what I took them down to as well. Copperish color and no black.  Makes me feel slightly more confident in what I’m doing.  Thanks!!  Now I can epoxy.  Wish me luck! 
I read somewhere else they used a different finish on the tapers that supposedly lasts longer than these older tour shafts.  🤷🏼‍♂️

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True. Of course then you are paying $45 for the new finish vs. $20 per shaft for these. Can't justify paying that much.

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