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    • Last lesson of the year today 12/2: Full swing stuff - backswing and tempo were much improved which is what I’ve been working on so happy with that. We discussed the block fade miss caused by open club face. My transition is aggressive which pulls the club face open when the handle of the club starts moving too quickly (or something like that). Quick fix was to have a feel for the club head moving and widening the arc before the handle starts going. Did some work on this at about 75% full speed and then added speed back as I got the hang of it. Putting work - did a putter fitting and when selecting the alignment aid design, I learned that they don’t matter at all for how I aim. Apparently no matter where the target was, I tended to line my aim up around the spatial configuration of the putting area (e.g., aiming parallel to the edge of the putting surface, or a nearby wall). Once I was aware of this behavior and able to consciously overcome it, my initial aim was really good. When I scheduled the fitting with my teacher I had my mind made up on something from the Edel product line, but I tried one of those ridiculous looking LAB putters and it was undeniably good for me, so that’s what I ended up going with.
    • Day 355 Lesson and a putter fitting today. Too tired for superspeed this evening. 
    • This is a start (documentation that outdoors is safer):  
    • Hmmm. Hadn't considered that. I've been through some pretty soft conditions and it's light enough on the front that it hasn't yet been an issue. But, I'll run it through some rough tomorrow and see how it goes.
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