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    • What is there to be confused about? You haven't taken relief until you are taking FULL relief, meaning you aren't standing on the path (or whatever it is). So--- the closest position is the closest position. Otherwise, in the illustration below, relief would be at B2 if you were on the right hand side of the path (or whatever). Which wouldn't be relief.    
    • Yes I know all of that. But we are measuring the distance between where the ball lies and the distance where the ball could be dropped nearest on either side of the hazard, right? (yes including that you mustn’t stand in the hazard after taking relief)
    • Stance is required to be included in taking relief. 16.1a(1) specifies inclusion of intended stance, and the diagram in your link demonstrates it:  
    • The nearest point of relief could have you standing in brambles or with no swing at all. Relief doesn’t imply that you have a swing at all, let alone a clear shot.  Relief is about the ball position, nothing else.
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