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Pro's are good enough that they would still score well. Yes, you would need to adjust the length of holes to take into account distance with older clubs, but under par would still be on the cards

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It sounds like all you do is judge and dislike things. 

After reading your last few posts I'd recommend you find another sport to watch on TV. Maybe curling? 😀

You sound like one of two things. One a bitter ass man or somebody trying to be funny who really isn’t. Your posts all seem to be nothing but negative. Maybe find a different sport or a different plac


The most important thing - and this what would REALLY make it exciting, would be  to ban stupid modern terms like "3 wood" "4 iron" and "9 iron".

You would have to use spoons, mashies and niblicks. 2 shot penalty if you call a spoon a "3 wood". It's only political correctness that has stopped this happening already.

Along with unraked bunkers and greens that are essentially sheep pastures, it's the only way to bring a new generation into the game.

My calculations lead me to believe that modern pros benefit from the new "rules" to the extent where they are really in the range of 12 to 16 markers. They are soft. 

Thing is when you ask them about suggestions such as these, they scoff. What are they afraid of?

I am pretty sure that I read that in the 2025 rule changes they are making "man old style blade putters" compulsory as well as "an old bag of clubs".


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5 hours ago, ShawnSum said:

Troll account?


4 hours ago, Darkfrog said:

Your profile says "newbie" but this comment makes it sound like you have been here before...

 Nailed it.

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4 minutes ago, iacas said:


 Nailed it.

Seemed a bit odd. He gone! Lol

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I love wearing pink. It's an awesome color. Pink guitars are cool. While not a universal thing I'm sure, it's my experience that ladies like it when they see a guy wearing pink. 

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    • I am currently using Hole19 though I have just been using it for a scorecard most of this time.  Just started using it a bit more with number of putts and the GIR/up and down/sand shots, but not yet used the shot by shot of fairway, left/right etc
    • Welcome to The Sand Trap!   You may be a while waiting for a response to this one, the last post here is almost 11 years old.  But take a look around, and chime in to whichever threads interest you.
    • what app are you all using to track your golf stats. GIR & scrambling etc.? 
    • I suppose it depends on the length of the golf course.  I would say somewhere between a 7 and PW.  Personally I would like a PW because that is one of the favourite clubs in my bag and is useful enough to get you out of must situations onto the fairway.  If you are intending to use it to reach a green, then a longer club may well be required.  Definitely don't go something as long as a 5 iron, unless the course is such that you have no rough to speak off, in which case a 5 iron would be useful as punch out type of club to keep it low
    • Day 114 (7/29/21) -  Practice green - Worked on chipping with my 58* and 6H to different holes and from different lies, then putting out. Then played 5-holes of chip and putt, scoring a 13.  When putting, I focused on the hole, rather than the ball.  Range - Hit a small bucket. With wedges, hybrids and fairway woods I focused making sure the low point of my swing was in front of the ball. For driver, I focused on swinging smoothly and making sure the low point was behind the ball. The 2-3 best drives I hit today, bar far, were using the Distanza shaft in my G400.  
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