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    • It is Full Swing.   It has other sports besides golf.   I was there today and watch some kids throw dodge balls at zombies.   First impression.   The distances aren't real accurate.   I've never hit a 4H 200 yards but today that was normal.   There were some shots that seemed right for distances but maybe they had the "boost" set up to help everyone's ego.   I believe I did see that option when we set up the game today.   Whatever, I enjoyed myself (played very well) during this cold nasty drizzle.   
    • Anxiety is what I experience on the first tee, but not like Bubba.  Bless his heart... I hope he is able to deal with it.  
    • Bubba Watson on dealing with anxiety: ‘I thought I was going to die’ On many sleepless nights, Bubba Watson thought he was going to die. Alone in the darkness with only his thoughts to keep him company as he dealt with crippling anxiety that kept him up at night, Wa… So… Yeah. Anxiety is a real thing.
    • Day 78 chipping and pitching Covid drills  
    • Scott, there are several ways to achieve playability with irons under your circumstances. My suggestion is consider vibration eliminating shafts with soft oversize grips. Soft stepping the shafts might also be an alterative. Given you want to add weight to the club head and counter with grip weight,  it a fine line to tinker with. Or you could possibly try different clubs other than what you currently have. Unless you absolutely luv your setup, ditch them and start fresh.  
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