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Your Lowest Nine Holes (Regulation Course)

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Golf is an 18 hole game.  We have all had great nines but they are often lost in the final total.  It is hard for many of us to sustain our "greatness" over a full 18.  Let's celebrate our 50% victory.  What was your best/lowest nine holes?

A golf buddy just shot a "30" on the back nine of a recent round.  The nine featured an eagle and a slew of birdies.  Since @gbogey is active on TST, maybe he will share a few highlights.

I managed 32 (par 35) long ago on my 60th birthday.  Final score was 71 (par 71).  That first nine was a somewhat out-of-body experience with sand saves and birdie putts going in. I still remember being a bit miffed when I missed the easiest birdie attempt from 4 feet.

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I shot even par 36 at NCR CC North course once. It was the front nine which we played second. I was -1 going into these 3 9th. 3 putt bogey but it was a long first putt to a back pin. 

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I shot 38 (+2) once last year, which was actually my first ever post on this forum. I was -1 through four holes, then I made bogey on the fifth, double on the short par-4 sixth, and parred in from there. I did not play the back that day, although I wish I could’ve.

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I shot a 30 at my old track’s back 9. Honestly when can trust the driver every time, good results can happen. Plus sticking it tight on one of the par 3s. 

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30, 5 under par during a tournament. Included one bogey, missed a 4 footer.  Funny how I shot a score I’m sure I’ll never top, but the thing I remember first, is missing a short putt! 

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I've shot… 31 from regular tees? I shot 31-31 in the forward tee challenge once, but I'm not counting either of those. I shot 31/41 once to shoot even par. That was fun. I didn't play badly, I just got some rotten luck several times on the back.

Holed a couple of long putts on the front.

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 I shot a 37...once...on a course that was divided 37/35 front and back.  The 18th is a very short par 5 as well and par seems like a bogey.  Other than that...39 is my gold standard.

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My club had a tournament at Harding, 18 holes, stroke play, from the blues.  I think this was summer 2016, might be summer 2017.  Anyway, after a first nine 46, I had a second nine 35, shot an 81 (at the time, my lowest ever 18 hole score too) and won the tournament.   I can dig up the game golf round for it if you want. :-) 

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Thanks @bkuehn1952 I went 43/30 yesterday - pretty sure that's the biggest front/back differential I've had. Still haven't broken par. The back nine included 5 birdies and an eagle (and one bogey). The eagle was a pitch in from 30 yards, three of the birdies were +/- 10 feet, two were long putts of around 30 feet. The one on 18 was something to see - straight down a steep slope - my partner (scratch golfer) didn't think I could get it within five feet but it went right in. Ended up with six birdies for the round (personal best), an eagle (only my 8th), and ended the round with three straight birdies for first time ever.

Funny until yesterday I really couldn't have told you my best nine hole score. I know I've gone -2 a number of times and I think I may have been -3 once, but my focus has been on trying to break par (I've shot even par twice) so I haven't been paying attention to nine hole scores. Obviously I'll remember this one.

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    • Day 6.  Played fourball, lost 2&1.  Hit the ball well, drove it much better than I usually do, putted better than Sunday but not as good as I'd have liked.   Made two putts over 10' during the round, so that was cool. 
    • In addition to the above: The idea of Tiger being in a wheelchair for months does not imply that he is a cripple unable to get around any other way, it refers to the idea that a sensible way of aiding rehabilitation is to keep the injuries stable, and keeping undue weight off them is an important way of doing so. He will most likely get to a point within a couple of months, or several weeks or a perhaps just a few weeks where he can use a combination of both crutches and a wheelchair. In the same way that he'd be crazy to use stairs when he can use a lift at a certain point in his recovery.    
    • Lots of speculation there. 😉 I don't think there have been any people who have stated categorically what they KNOW will happen. The consensus would be that the implications are dire with regard to a return to top level competitive golf and pretty much everyone hopes that he will be able to return to some semblance of normality sooner rather than later. Most people have focused on Tiger the person rather than Tiger the golfer, which I think is pretty fair and reasonable. Also, he has more than a "broken leg and fractured ankle". Those terms cover a wide range, obviously, but this was no minor accident. The topic of the thread invited people to speculate, as you have done. I think it's all pretty moot, anyway. I would speculate that the last thing he would want to do would be to be seen as a charity case or a freak show "wildcard" tournament entry and shoot 86 and then withdraw. I don't think people have said that a return would CAUSE further major injury, it's a question of whether the current injuries will prevent a serious return to COMPETITIVE tournament play which is the only thing that interests him with regard to his presence at a tournament  as a player. (I think)
    • I always laugh when something like this happens and all the interweb know-it-alls start speculating... "he'll be in a wheelchair for the next 12 months!" - over a broken leg and fractured ankle?  He will not be in a wheelchair for a year, he's not paralyzed.  "He needs to retire, no need to risk his health!" - what, given his injury history already, could he possibly do playing GOLF that would debilitate him permanently?  And yes, I'm well aware of how golf can screw up a persons body given the amount of muscles used... but still, coming back and playing golf, at worst, could only likely result in an additional injury that *might* at *worst* actually end his playing days as a competitor.  It's not like returning to golf is going to put him in a wheelchair permanently from trying to smoke a drive.  At this point, I hope he recovers fully, and I do hope that if he can, he returns to playing golf.  If not, so be it.  But who am I to say or anyone else here "no need to risk your health Tiger, retire!"
    • If they all got legit handicaps and you can split it relatively even, you could do a Ryder Cup style event.
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