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Hip Replacement?

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Would very much like to hear from those who have had hip replacement surgery and how golf went afterwards?  Obviously there is recovery time period but what I'd specifically like to hear about from those who have had this done is if you felt you were able to golf just as well as before you had surgery or before your hip even started bothering you?


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I had my right done 8 years ago. I waited a year too long and lost a season walking with a cane. I don't really think about it anymore. I lost about one club, the hip move forward is not as fast but I'm also 8 years older so....

Do the PT. It sucks at first but you need to get the strength and flexibility back. I had it done in November, I was playing by April, and fully trusting it on a full swing by June.

Did I say do the PT.... 

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Several years ago, my 89 year old father had his hip done the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, and was back playing mid Feb. This past spring, at 92, his course closed for a bit to golf cart use, so he got a pushcart, and walked 9 holes several times per week.

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I had to have one when I was 30, now 36 do your PT, swimming pool helped me the most.  My game got way better, no pain, and not mentally fatigued at end of round.   I have went from 8ish to scratch.   Actually hit ball further as my swing is better now. 

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No hip replaced but had a knee replacement March 2. COVID hit and physical therapy was shut down. I had no PT except the usual 2-week home health. So, I did the PT stretching exercises on my own. I use an exercise bike as well. Was on the range before 90 days and back at golf. MUCH MUCH BETTER. Balance was the biggest benefit for me. My HI has gone down about a stroke each month. Long story short: I suffered for a long time. The surgery and follow-up wasn't a pillow fight, but my pain was minimal when I compare it. I'm 75 next month. At the range 2 x week and on the course every Saturday. My good friend had hip replacement 2 yrs ago; his story is similar. You can do it! Best, -Marv

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I had a hip replaced Feb. 12, 2019.  It was the best thing for me.  Prior to the surgery I could barley stand up after getting out of a car or chair.  While golfing I was not turning my hips properly in my swing and lost all distance.  At one point in Oct. 2018, before the surgery, I was struggling to hit my driver over water on a Par-3 and hurt so bad I stopped after 12 holes.  Until that day in October I thought I had just pulled a groin muscle but that day was what got me to call a doctor and figure it out.  At that point I had no cartilage left in the hip joint, 100% bone-on-bone.

After the surgery, I was cleared me for full golf swings after @ 12 weeks.  Then the difficult part was "Trusting" the new hip.  My first full swings were horrible, no rotation, all arms, just total crap.  But I gradually began to turn the hips and began to trust that it would not hurt and that I would not fall.  I missed some spring golf and started my league late but by July was hitting some of my best rounds in a long time.

As @grubby98 and @Papa Steve 55 said above, do the PT.  My surgery was out-patient and I began PT the following morning at home and did it religiously adding new exercises daily per my instruction sheet.  I did not have a therapist, just a set of instructions on what to do.  I was able to do stairs the next day with only a crutch for support (they wanted me to use a walker on the stairs but that just did not work for me, it felt unsecure).  I ran the snow-blower once after about a week (my wife gave me hell for that).  I was able drive and go to work after 9 days (contrary to doctor's orders) but my work is not physically demanding and I was able to do the exercises in my office and took a stool to sit on so I did not move the hip past 90*. The worst part of going to work was the day I had to park on the 5th level of the garage and the elevator was broken. 

Good luck.  


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