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Greg 504

Golfing after Open Heart Surgery

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29 minutes ago, Greg 504 said:

I've been rolling some putts inside this past week. I also took my mom and daughter to Topgolf Wednesday. I hit about 30 balls there to the red and yellow targets. I was quite careful being 5 weeks out from surgery only taking 1/4 chip shots. Felt great to get out and do something more than sit on my ass or take walks.

I'm still pleasantly surprised how far along in recovery I am. I am walking at least 3 miles a day and some days just under 5 miles collectively. Each day I can tell I continue to get stronger and stronger. It's a constant battle to stay reigned in and not over do it. I need to heal quickly as my 13 year old daughter was smashing the ball at Topgolf! She'll be passing me in no time.

Great update!

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So glad to hear the good news. Thanks for posting.

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I met my mom and took my daughter to a local par 32 executive course yesterday since the weather was gorgeous here in central Ohio. I joined them and played 9 from the forward tees using 1/4 swings. My biggest challenge was deciding what club to use with 1/4 swing. I was grabbing 7-8 irons where I would normally use a SW or 60. Greatest thing was, I didn't care, I was out golfing 1 day shy of 6 weeks post op! 

Ended up shooting 44 on the par 32 course, but the score truly didn't matter to me. My biggest score is where I am in recovery. I'm forever grateful to my surgery team at Cleveland Clinic for how I feel and my future quality of life as it will continue to get better.

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Wow, if this thread doesn't make you feel a bit better about the world not sure what would. Thank you for sharing your recovery plan @Greg 504 and also a hardy (virtual COVID approved) high five to @StuM for checking in.

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    • Updated Nevada rules, have to start wearing a mask on the range, went into effect yesterday 👎 Doing a lot of slow reps, taking it to 4 withe knees staying over the feet and then breathing into it. Legs are looking more stable, matching up well with the handle being more forward/shaft steeper on the downswing. When I can keep the femur "spread" it feels like the club works "straighter" into the ball rather than under and out to the right.   
    • Day 348 Superspeed workout and some tempo drills with 7-iron. Hit the ball really shitty, hope it was the dark. 
    • Isn’t the ‘low spin’ pertaining to the inner core as far as a smashed hit as with driver and not with a descending hit with grooves as from an iron? 
    • No. I only have 3: 48, 54, and 60. I’d rather have more clubs at the longer end of the bag. It is generally far easier to finesse a wedge than a long club. Additionally, when you finesse a wedge, it’s easier to retain spin and hold the green. Conversely, when taking something off a longer club, it’s harder to maintain spin and adequate landing angle to retain the green. Therefore, I’d rather have more opportunities at a stock number on the longer end of the bag than carry an additional wedge. 
    • Iron set wedges are 44(Pw) and 49(aw) vokeys are 54s and 60k set wedges are mainly full Shots. The 54 does everything inside 75 yards except bunkers and if I’m short sided in rough (that’s the k) I’m thinking of getting new irons next spring but wondering if I’ll have to get a 50 degree wedge (will most likely drop my 4h if 5i is long enough) with all of these new long hitting irons. Rogue x has a 46 degree gap wedge!
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