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Good Golf Score For You

Good Golf Score  

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  1. 1. On a good, not great, day, what will you shoot at your home course?

    • Below 70
    • Low/Mid 70s
    • High 70s
    • Low/Mid 80s
    • High 80s
    • Low/Mid 90s
    • High 90s
    • 100 or Above

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4 minutes ago, David in FL said:

My sense of self worth is directly related to whether or not I broke 80...  


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6 minutes ago, David in FL said:

My sense of self worth is directly related to whether or not I broke 80...  

I have managed to detach myself from my scores. Phew... Of course, completely out of necessity of self preservation.

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I put mid 80’s although realistically that is probably a very good day lately. My expectations are high, I go out with the intention of breaking 80 even though my best is still 83. I’m not happy with anything over my handicap of 15. I’m not happy with my handicap at all to be honest. I feel I should be a lot lower by now especially with my distance

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  • 2 weeks later...

SUB 80 = Brilliant (only done twice before) low 80's good solid game -mid 80's ok few stupid mistakes etc -high 80's pretty rough 

Over 90 and I'd be Gutted ...esp.. if well over 

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    • Shot 79 today, with 14 nGIR/GIR, 32 putts, and 1 penalty stroke. Low event round, nothing awful, and nothing exceptional. Changes from my last lesson basically took my bad hook misses out of play, which really helped. I felt confident that I could aim and know that if I missed, it would be a playable right miss. I'm still working up to full speed with the change, so hit a little shorter than normal (about 1 club loss of distance) today, but my home course is narrow and position/accuracy are more important than length on most holes. The penalty stroke came on the one hole where a right miss is penal, and my tee shot, which was headed a bit right, took a hard first bounce further right, and rolled into a creek. Made 4 up/down from nGIR, which was also helpful in scoring, including a nice one on the 18th hole, where I had about a 20 foot putt for par to break 80, and nailed it.
    • I’ve almost completed the main game of Hollow Knight. An incredible game that I knew nothing about before playing. It’s a Metroidvania like game and quite extensive. It feels like the Soulsborne of platformers. Somewhat in the vein of the Ori games, but more extensive and challenging. It’s not as difficult as games like Wings og Vi, Boshy and Roah, but takes some precise controlling. You can become a bit OP by collecting and upgrading, which makes it more manageable, not too different from Soulsborne.
    • Day 517: Played 18 today with new concepts/feels from my lesson to address my bad hook misses. Didn’t feel like I was playing particularly great, but scored well (79), and zero hooks. Shots that I didn’t control the club face well were straight fades or slightly pushed fades, all playable. Driver wasn’t good today but only hit it on three holes.
    • Sugar Hill Golf Club - Front Nine 49 Stupid mistakes cost me on three holes. I went bogey, triple (8 on a par 5), bogey, double, bogey, bogey, double, bogey, par.  On both doubles, I couldn't find my ball and had to take a drop.  On the first one, I never heard it hit any trees or anything, but I lost it into the setting sun.  I have no doubt that it was somewhere in the deep Bermuda rough along the right side of the fairway, but I never found it.  The second was well struck (out of the rough because of a topped 3 hybrid) and based on my aim, it should have been okay, but it was nowhere to be found.  The par-five ninth was a series of five almost perfect shots on a difficult, sloping double dogleg hole.
    • Thank you I appreciate that. What made the birdies so nice that all my shots in both of them were great shots. One thing a person of my handicap has a hard time doing is being consistent. When I I'm consistent, even only through one hole or two, it feels great. I shot an 80 on the course which was also very good for my level, and this was after shooting 102 just days before , LOL.
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