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    • My personal favorite! No in all honesty I feel the same way @iacas feels, they are purely functional until they are so gross that they must be tossed. Working at a golf course for all these years has ruined me from buying hats when I play different courses. I know how much those hats really cost wholesale, and I have a hard time paying $35-$40 for a $13 hat, I don't care if it does say Pinehurst no 2 on it.     
    • Opinion | When Can You Get the Coronavirus Vaccine? - The New York Times See when you might be able to get a shot.  
    • According to Whoop anyways. I was surprised to see that as well. When I'm sitting or laying down, I'm around 45-60 bpm, so wouldn't be surprised if it got lower in sleep. Never really seen this data before, so still learning about my baseline.
    • Why does the outdoors thing "matter" a little bit? Four NHL teams exploring possibility of playing outdoor home games In an effort to try and get some fans back in the seats, four NHL teams are investigating the possibility of hosting their home games outdoors for the coming season. 1 p.m. Thursday: Elliotte Friedman reported on Thursday that at least four NHL teams are exploring the possibility of playing their home games outdoors if it will allow them to have fans in the building. The teams are the Ducks, Bruins, Kings ... and the Penguins. Friedman reported that the Penguins have looked into both Heinz Field and PNC Park. The Steelers schedule overlapping with the possible start of an NHL season would obviously be an issue. That's one of the reasons why. Us being golfers is another reason why I'm curious about any super-spreader events that occurred outside only (or even 85%+).
    • I'm a bit of a hat collector. But I don't think I've worn a different hat golfing since I got this one   Runner up is probably this one. My version is no mesh and all dark grey. It's the ghost tree hat from Old MacDonald at Bandon. My least favorite of the courses there but by far the coolest hat!
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