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RIP Notorious RBG

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Sad to hear of her passing. She was an incredible person and has influenced many with her passion for our country. She will be dearly missed.

Also, please no politics in this thread.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I was always interested that she and Scalia were close friends despite their differences in philosophy. We should respect intellectual honesty and openness such as that, I think. Best, -Marv

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Every once in a while the passing of a public figure disturbs me more than usual.  This is one of those times.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

What a valiant person she was.  Always fighting hard regarding her health.  And what a cruel blow... cancer-free in January, gone in September.  Few people are able to be legends before they pass.  Bless your heart RBG.

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    • Head of my home organization has approved my involvement with this excursion.. So barring anything out of my control I am looking forward to it. Big part of the reason for my immediate interest is that these courses (especially Mammoth) were already on my short list of destinations to plan a trip next year including Cabot Cliffs/Links and Streamsong, which I will plan for the following years to come now.  Anyway, couldn't be happier to join this group. Hopefully the planet will still be rotating Eastward next July as it is today...😉 
    • It certainly could depend on the format.  If you need 4 scores from 5 players, for instance, maybe you could take a flyer on one guy like that.  If its match play, maybe you can take a risk on losing just one match really quickly.  But if you put out 6 players needing 6 scores, do you take the chance that one player's poor day kills the entire team's chances?  I'd still take solid and steady in most circumstances, I'd still prefer to BE Mr. Consistent.
    • Well, played final round at home course yesterday and checked off #10.  Should have pared #17 but stupid 3 putt, should not have happened!  Overall for the year I golfed 11 rounds at the course, got par on 12 holes, no birdies.  The holes I failed to par are the 1,2,3,4,10 & 14 Handicap holes. The #14 handicap hole was a par-3 and I can't believe I never got par on it.  The #10 handicap was the hole I 3-putted for bogey yesterday.  
    • I think in a big match, like an NCAA Championship, the coach might want to roll the dice and go with Mr. Erratic to have a chance of winning.  Or of finishing last.  The "all-or-nothing approach" .
    • I've never been on a college golf team, or even high school, but I think Mr. Erratic might not get a lot of playing time.  If the coach can't depend on you to at least play "decent", why would he select you to play you at all?  I'd rather be Mr. Consistent.
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