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Never Too Late For Witcher Wild Hunt

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I thought I was done with video games after playing Breath of the Wild, my first game in literally decades. I watched a let's play of Witcher Wild Hunt and saw a good price for it for the Switch and now I'm 20 levels in. This game is amazing. The characters. The quests. The open world. I never thought I'd obsess over potions, decoctions, armor, abilities, etc... I watched the let's plays of Skyrim and The Last of Us and those did not appeal to me. The Witcher immediately was compelling. Now I understand more of the Netflix show. Probably 1/3 done and spent a ton of time on it already. I don't know where people get the time to play these things or they just don't finish these games.

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I finished the main quest about a week ago, got a bad ending and restarted a save it to get the good one, lol.

This is quite the game. So that makes two games I've played since 2000. Breath of the Wild and this.

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I finished the game with the ending I wanted and also the two DLCs a couple of weeks ago. I like this game more than BotW although BotW was quite something.

Now debating whether to get the new Xbox or Playstation. I guess it'll depend on MSFS mostly, I like some of the PS exclusives like Ghosts of Tsushima and Horizon Zero Dawn. Don't want a gaming PC though. Will wait and see.

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    • Day 1 backswing work yesterday at Golf Evolution with @iacas   Day 2. Back home.  Did mirror work drills this evening.
    • Day 112.  Morning I snuck out to the putting green;  after warm-up, I did the 4' drill.  Must have had a harder break this time, took me 18 putts to finish.  Not bad, not great.  Got home, got some work done, went back to practice (the rest is at home).  I did a dozen chip shots with my 54 (well, a friend's 54 I'm thinking of trying for a few rounds) and then did 20 full shots with the 7-iron (slow, as I'm practicing something).  I think adjustments after the video the other day have helped to change the picture, and I want to go confirm this tomorrow if I can.
    • How do I come back from a 72 last time out and my best round of the year? How else.... putrid effort for 9 holes of league night. Had as many penalty shots as GIR.... 3. Sadly after 2 of the penalties I managed to leave myself inside of 5 feet for par that I missed. Putter was ice cold. Ball striking wasn’t bad but a few sprayed tee shots and a bad putting day left me 7 over for 9 holes. Worst performance I’ve had in 7 weeks of league play. 
    • Not good, but not really hard to sympathize a little bit. Guys fighting for their pro golfing lives. One of em straight up sucks on this day. The other probably feels this hacker is going to cost him his shot at the tournament and possibly cost him money. All ya need is a spark.  
    • Does anyone know where this logo ball is from?  Most likely from a course near Pittsburgh, PA or Philadelphia, PA...but could be anywhere in the mid-Atlantic region, really.  I'd probably remember it if it were from a course I traveled to.
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