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    • Today’s Session 12-3-20 Goals Internal rotation of trail hip Wide backswing  7i Swings     Goal 1: internal rotation of trail hip: Looks decent. Trail knee is facing camera (FO). It feels like my trail groin is “sinking” Goal 2: Wide takeaway Pretty happy with the takeaway width -while succeeding with Goal 1. Cannot have a session without annoyances. Not happy with downswing steepness. But I must make goals 1-2 more automatic first.
    • Ha. I’ve got several good stories about one of my friends. Whenever my brother and I play with him, he talks a lot of junk to me about how my bro is better than me, which is false. We joined up with him on the 6th hole the other day, and he said, “Hope your brother isn’t beating you too bad.” He loves to try to get into my head.
    • Never have, and never will pull any of this stuff on anyone I play against If I can't win, or lose, with my clubs, I have no business playing. I have had some guys say things to me, and it really helps motivate me, but I really think very poorly of guys that try that garbage. I'm much more into sportsmanship than gamesmanship. I really think it has no place in the game.
    • Honestly, I am not worried about it.  I am not scarred of COVID.  I respect everyone's opinion. I work in hospitals from the smallest to the largest one's in the country.  I deal with infectious control to EVS.  From NYC to California during this pandemic.  I know how they feel about it from an internal point of view.   I was more concerned about my safety when I crossed the border in the 1990's to work in Tijuana then going into any hospital in this country today.  I have and still go into the most dangerous parts of any city in this country and have done so since the 1990's as well as foreign countries.  Nothing catches your attention faster then staring at an M60 Machine Gun pointed directly at the van you are in. COVID is a virus, it does not scare me.  I understand other people's fear of it and respect that.  There are a lot more deadly situations I can come into contact with that a mask and washing my hands frequently will not help. You seam to be a really nice guy.  Hopefully when this calms down and it will we can meet and play golf together.  I would really enjoy that.
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